Alexandre Lacazette (9)


To who?



There would be takers for sure if it went that route, I don’t believe he needs to be sold though.

There’s definitely a way to make him and Auba work as the focal point of attack but Wenger is not the man to do it.


There would be takers at a significant loss which we shouldn’t be considering…yet.

The rest I agree with.


Cristo mate don’t make me hit you with Lego


Ok, two shits in a row. Time to collect them and go home.


Given that finishing fourth would require a great run of form from Arsenal and a few other teams stumbling, Europa is the route to get back to the CL. So, Laca will be quite important. Let’s hope that he delivers.




We should just have signed Aubameyang from the start. Hopefully we sign a wide player in the summer of quality, move Iwobi to the bench.


It looks to me like the reason Aubameyang left is that he basically forced their hand in a way he didn’t in the summer and Dortmund didn’t need to sell him after already raking it in from Dembele. I don’t think it’s as clear cut as we could’ve bought him then and we made the wrong choice. If we thought it could happen I’m sure we would’ve done it. It would have made a shitload more sense than 92m on Lemar.

The reason we bought Laca is that we were desperate for a forward that wasn’t Giroud and after years of trying and failing we took the best option we could. The question with Laca is was he really the best striker 45-50m could buy you that window. Looking at Morata and Lukaku, maybe he was, I don’t know.


1/ panic buy
2/ French player
3/ panic buy


Ahhh fair play I forgot about Dembele in the summer. Would’ve been tough to get Dortmund to sell them both. Reason I was thinking it would’ve been possible in summer is cause of Auba’s post saying he’s been trying to leave since summer, but you’re right, Dortmund selling Dembele and Auba in the summer would’ve been too much face to lose for them probably.

Guess I’ll adjust my complaint on the summer business to not selling Alexis (duh, obvious fuck up) and not buying other players to suit Lacazette.


I’m with you. Hasn’t impressed at all and now we have a legit striker. I would much rather buy a hot shot winger than keep Laca, I’ve got no idea how he fits into this team.

I reckon we could flog him off to West Ham, they were chasing him at Lyon, think they offered 35m a couple years ago. Wouldn’t mind taking a 15m for a one season rental and getting Malcom or Bailey as a replacement.


As if Laca would denigrate himself by playing for that joke of a club.


Why do we have to sell him? We would need to look for another good striker again. I am ok with this only if we get someone like Werner.


This is wrong. Theo didn’t play CF for 16 matches at CF that season, he got a few but it wasn’t 16. And he didn’t get 14 goals in PL/CL matches either, he got 7.

It was 12/13 he got the longest run there and it wasn’t that long either. After the long term injury he was never as good again.


Surprised to read a couple of the comments above. We finally have a very good player as our second choice striker (albeit not a particularly good fit in the current manager’s formation which isn’t the player’s fault I hasten to add), and he’s being viewed as a poor buy or surplus to requirements etc. We’ve been gagging for depth and quality in that position ever since we sold van Persie 2 million years ago.

I’m personally delighted we have a player of his pedigree in the squad. You’ve got Man City buying fullbacks for the same price - this is the standard being set by other clubs. The transfer market is only going to carry on getting more inflationary so I’m not getting too hung up on his price tag.

Irrespective of that, he is going to be first choice in the Europa League which is a really important competition for us this season. Way to early to label him a dud imo.


he is going to get plenty of game time I wouldn’t worry about that.

Our Europa League chances depend on this guy now. I hope he fires.


So you are saying that ESPN didnt have their facts right when they published this? If you actually read the article, which is not wrong lol, you’ll see that the 14 in 16 run they are talking about refers to the end of the 14/15 season where he played CF for us in the spring and scored some goals in the FA Cup and PL playing CF. The Article was written in October, and Theo had started the 15/16 season at CF for us playing in CL and PL. So that run of matches was spanning from the end of one season to the start of another. As far as the rest of the stats I provided I took them off of which details the goals scored from which position. Their information disagrees with you on that he played only sparingly at CF until 2015.


did Theo really have any run of 14 goals in 16? I can’t recall anything like that.


It’s wrong but your reading comprehension and incorrect assumptions are more wrong. You can see here his full games at CF for Arsenal:

As you can see Walcott did not play 16 games as a striker from 2013-2015, he did in fact play 26 games as a striker from 09/10 onwards at random times. In 2014/15 he played 10 times as a striker and got 4 goals. Walcott got 14 goals as a striker over an 8 year period over his full time here, which is what the 14 goals is referring to but it wasn’t in 16 games, it was in 26 games.