Alexandre Lacazette (9)


You always say how Lacazette suits our style of play though ? So which one is it?


He suits players like Ozil’s style, not particularly Wenger’s, we seem to play much better football at home where Lacazette usually thrives however


Not to be utterly simplistic and use a video game reference, but in FIFA he’s got like 88 pace, surely it’s really in the late 70s in real life? We do need to create more for him no question, and he’s always trying to make those runs in behind, but at times he just looks to be moving slower than I imagined.

He was poor tonight but yet again the story has a lot to do with the support, and let’s be honest, the entire fucking mess of the team overall.


Poldi gave you the smile at least, always positive.
As for Laca, he always look like we are just relegated.


TBH I think we fucked up buying Laca. One top season in France in which TEN of his LEAGUE goals came from penalties. He’s seems to have always had a relatively low shot rate per 90 which Ive highlighted before as being very concerning. In terms of physical presence being neither fast nor strong or even explosive over 10 yards which coming from France to the PL is concerning. I can’t imagine a single CB in the league right now doesn’t feel relatively confident going up against him especially since we play as 1 up top.

He’s always been overlooked for the France 11. He was overlooked by top clubs desperate for a striker for a few years.

I don’t really see anything in his game which means he will be a big success here. Will probably make it work and go on some good runs but also some long droughts a bit meh.

EDIT : To reassert my point take a look at the players who have managed to go >20 league goals in one season. Talent wise except vardy (though obvious Leicester caveat nothing makes sense) does laca belong alongside those names talent wise. I don’t think so.


Seems pretty unfair on Cech and Xhaka.


All i can say I never saw why there was hype around him and why most was calling for giroud to be dropped for him


To the bench with you!!



Paul Merson is puzzled by Arsenal inability to sign a defender and believes they should have sold Alexandre Lacazette instead of Olivier Giroud.


Paul Merson is yer da



Really wondering whether the arrival of Aubameyang is going to make Lacazette raise his game or whether he will go into his shell a bit. Healthy competition is good, I’m hoping and expecting the former, no matter which of them ends up spending more time wide left


I think many of us weren’t sold on Lacazette but the reason so many of us wanted it was because the Giroud, Theo, Danny and Alexis up top experiment just didn’t work. And it was something different and he was available.

Nobody here really ever truly believed he was an elite striker anyway. Expectations weren’t really high with his signing.


Yeah my Liverpool supporting mate kept saying that he’d be a quality signing for us and I’d express my doubts. Not to say I thought it would be a failed signing necessarily, but I’ve never been convinced in the way he was.


Many were simply relieved to see the club spend money whicyh convinced them he’d be good

Sadly, yet another failed Wenger signing to go with Xhaka, Perez, Welbeck, Elnenny, Gabriel et al

When you think we coulda had the likes of Suarez, Vidal, Kante and others it makes me wanna vomit


Was working a charm with Alexis and Mesut before Theo got injured and never got to play there again tbh. The rest I agree with.


Theo up top never worked.


If it’s true we wanted Auba in the summer and only got Lacazette because he was cheaper then it’s just another example of cheap thinking and a player Wenger didn’t really rate now on the books. I hope it isnt true, but let’s see.

As of right now, I think he’d make a good wing option or a backup.

Ornstein said on podcast that he was gonna be playing up front with Auba on wings, which is just a bit strange imo and doesn’t get the best out our best attacker.


In this article it talks about the start of the 15/16 season where Theo had scored 14 goals in 16 matches playing up top, in both CL and PL games. This is the season that he Ozil, and Sanchez dismantled united. He had two assists in that game. Anyways about 3 weeks after that he pulled his groin in a League Cup match. Never played CF for us after that inexplicably. Still I wouldn’t define that as “not working” considering it’s really the only consistent time he got for us at CF in his career here.

After doing a bit more research overall Theo played 23 times as a CF for us after RVP left scoring 14 goals and assisting 8 from that position (according to transfer market). I dunno about you but to me that looks like a pretty damn good return.


Theo up top never worked. No amount of revisionism will change that.