Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Take him off and put Giroud on at half time


FFS! Your agenda against Laca…:facepalm:


You not been watching the game ?


He has been marked by 5/6 players. Even Suarez would struggle here.


Guy can’t even keep possession once and looks slower than lumbering Centre half’s, at least with Giroud we might have some Ariel presence.


It winds me up how slow he is.


Yeah, wasn’t the whole point of a smaller CF that he’d be able to stretch defences?

I suppose that’s where Auba comes in.


i’m gonna go and say Lacazette is even less suited to being a lone striker as he is to being out on the wing.


His performances recently have been as useful as when we tried podolski up top.


Yes! that is exactly hat it has been like!


So practically useless then?

Still think he’s way better than this, people will be calling Mhki shit soon enough also.


Its the manager not the players


nah he deffo is. but isn;t really able to show it right now.


Only so much ‘play your natural game’, ‘express yourself’ and ‘take the handbreak off’ you can hear when the team’s not playing well.

Our players need tactics and drilling badly.


I refuse to believe this guy is poor. He was too good at Lyon to forget how to be a striker overnight.

We aren’t playing well and he’s suffering from extremely low confidence. We are playing him isolated with no space the majority of the time. I want to see him on the end of moves, not involved in them too much. I think he would benefit with a plyer sitting around him rather than 10 miles away on the wing. The midfield should take more responsibility to get close to him, so to the full backs should be picking him out more often.


I can’t wait until we get a new manager so at the very least people will stop making excuses for this guy and realise him for the average player he is.


That’s gotta be like number 18/19 on the “reasons I’d like a new manager” list, right?


He was bad, but our overall creativity was pathetic… the movement, interchange, and overall passing in the final third was diabolically predictable. We are just so easy to defend against right now.


Needs to take a look at his physique. Lay off the weights and do a bit more cardio. Needs to do something different to find some edge. Turning into Andy Carroll at Liverpool here.


Apart from Cech and Xhaka to an extent I don’t think any player can be criticised whilst they’re playing under Wenger