Alexandre Lacazette (9)


The thing is it’s about quality of he does provide better one touch link up play as a CF, if we look at his assists the vision and precision are better than Lacazettes for my money

Comparitively Lacazette has less assists and the quality of the ball isn’t as impressive

Many of Lacazette’s assists come from wide positions, so playing him alongside Aubameyang makes sense


That could definitely happen

…providing we get 20 penalties for him to take


I said it in August and I will say it again now, I think it was a poor choice by Pennazette to join a club that doesn’t get awarded many penalties.


Of all things to recall


Well I can recall how I said we’d be a nailed on certainty to finish 6th if you’d prefer ?


Anyway regarding Lacazette’s penalty thingy aka Penazette.

I can’t imagine the state of Arsenal fandom when he eventually misses a penalty.


Your agenda against Lacazette is becoming boring. I’d love to see him play along another striker and believe me, he would look a completely different player.


I don’t want to see Lacazette tuck away of the wing. He just doesn’t have the explosiveness nor the individual skill to put good performances in on the wing. I do think that he has a shown a certain ability to at least be able to hold on to the ball and the interaction that can lead to with Aubameyang could be the best way to utilise him. But that’s a more useful skill in the centre of the attack rather than somewhere on the wing imo.


I remember Anelka doing a good job from the wing for Chelsea. And Danny Sturridge.

He doesn’t have to be a winger, just a forward that drifts to one side to cover that space and rotates with the main man up top.


Y’all need to show Laca some love. Only been here half a season and all he’s been hearing is about Ozil and Sanchez leaving, the manager getting abuse etc.

@hassassin got it spot on about his involvement. He makes some great runs but rarely gets picked out, just watch him. If there is space behind the defenders he is always looking to exploit it.

After this window the team will be more settled and also now that Sanchez is gone I reckon he will be involved much more.


But just with Cazorla in 13/14 you would be handcapping one player and the team will look out balance because he doesn’t have the skills to make that position successfully his.


No you wouldn’t. Firstly Laca as a striker has nearly always had either another CF or other forwards alongside him. Secondly he’s played out wide in a 4-4-2. Thirdly a 4-2-3-1 allows him to be between those 2 roles and gives him more time on the ball.

Now look at his assists:

They’re generally better when A) he drifts out wide B) he has a runner in front of him/in the middle


With Giroud going, I feel like we become very thin in attacking depth.

Welbeck is absolutely not a good enough striker, even as a substitute.

I think we’ll end up dropping Lacazette to the bench, and will use him as an attacking option off the bench.

Iwobi and Welbeck will be wing options on the bench, Laca a strike option. I don’t see us risking injuries to Auba and Lacazette by starting them both and running the risk of relying on Welbeck.


I don’t think there’s enough goals in the team to not play Laca and Auba together, playing them together could cause a lot of problems for sides especially those that play a high line. Also having two attackers that can score as much as they can is a great thing to have.

With that said it wouldn’t surprise me to see Laca not play as much with Auba but one things for certain he’ll always be the first one to be substituted between the two. Auba will get Sanchez status and rarely ever come off.


Need to promote Eddie it seems.


If Giroud goes we will only have two strikers. Cant see them both being deployed together.

Its difficult to say whats going to happen. Auba will probably start on the bench for the first few weeks in typical Wenger new signing fashion.


If Giroud has left camp, Lacazette is the only striker in our squad for tonight’s game.

Good times when he goes off injured after 13 minutes


You are becoming boring now :smile:


Sounds about right!

Yeah I’d be worried about only having Laca and Auba in the team.


We’ve got our youngsters to turn to I guess – we’ll have to turn to them in the EL.

And don’t forget Welé - he’ll be back from injury soon for about 3 weeks before getting injured again!