Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Thought he played very well. As Neville said on commentary the goals will come.


Yeah I’m waiting.


He played well just not great. He actually holds the ball up well for a small guy. Still making good runs and sometimes our midfield are guilty of not picking him out.


His general play isn’t anything special at all, he strikes me as a more aware Welbeck. Without goals he’s putting soild 5.5/10 performances


Lacazette is the best striker we could have right now both realistically and stylistically. He’s a pure Arsenal CF. He does need to take these chances, but a large part of this run is confidence.


Laca missed some chances tonight that change the game. We still need that world class #9.


I think that’s a tad harsh


Not just harsh it’s agenda filled to the core.


It’s ridiculously harsh lol


Haven’t seen any thing over the last couple of matches to warrant a higher score. The link up play has been entirely average. He’s had his moments at times with smart interactions but equally lets himself down with poor passing and clear missreads. I think it something that’ll improve overtime but I can only judge what I see.

@hassassin No agenda whatsoever, it’s pretty clear he’s going to be our main striker for the next 4 seasons. I actually think he’s suffering from being at the bottom of a attacking three power dynamic, something they’ll change once Alexis leaves

I want him to do well but that doesn’t mean he can’t be called out for lukewarm performances and a scoring drought when we paid a massive transfer fee mainly because of his finishing ability and efficiency infront of goal.

We didn’t sign him because he’s was a complete forward, he’s a poacher. If he starts scoring the rating easily becomes 7+/10 per match.


You can’t honestly be watching the games closely if you say that, his link up play is pretty damn good generally.

Recognize that he isn’t being asked to play his usual game, we are asking him to play with his back to goal often like Giroud and he still gives a good account in most cases.


I think there are some reasonable comments in there, I had hoped for a bit more from him thus far like you and some others. But I stand by saying you’re being a bit harsh, but you’ll notice I’m stopping short of stressing the point as much as others. I think his link up play has been better than you suggest for an example.


Fair view tbh,

All i’ll add is that I’ve been quite ‘harsh’ with all players brought here for a big transfers fee at one point or another, that includes Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka and Alexis. When big money is involved the expectations certainly increases for me personally.


To be fair I’ll give you that lol. I won’t pretend to remember solid examples of you doing so for each player, but that does ring true.


Should be putting some of the chances he got away


Now gone 8 matches without a goal, going to be scenes when he eventually finds the back of the net again.


This is the most brain dead attack we’ve had in ages, especially on the counter. I counted at least 3 golden opportunities to score last night, that ended in our terrible players bumbling and fumbling the ball away. Laca isn’t excluded from that group of guys. I still want to give him time but he seems so mediocre to me.


Wenger doesn’t do him well by always subbing him. He destroys his confidence in this way.


Subs Lacazette keeps Welbeck on

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i swear wenger is purposefully trying to fuck this club now, i am sure of it. It is like he doesnt like what the club is doing as regards new scouts etc so he is being a cunt.