Alexandre Lacazette (9)


:joy: nonsense


How many League goals was it you expected him to score ? I remember you strongly disagreeing with my prediction of 15.


  1. he’d get it if we didn’t have a fucking idiot for a manager who keeps subbing him and plays shit boring football


Waiting for that straws meme in here for Calum who’s got some strange obsession with this shitty striker we wasted a ton of money on.


He shouldn’t be above criticism when he’s supposedly a finisher. He’s not taking chances, even if the service is shit and he only gets 70 mins.

However for a striker in this mould, you need a season, maybe even two. He’s having a bad run, but he could easily have a good run and over the season average respectable numbers. Look at Lukaku. We know he’ll bounce back and get 5 in 5 at some stage but you have to accept bare runs too.


At least @ me :kissing_heart:


Oh wasn’t sure if I have you triggered enough to somehow mute me here as you’ve done in MDC lulz :joy:


As long as Lacazette isn’t named ‘Danny Welbeck’ or ‘Olivier Giroud’ he’s absolutely fine to be our main striker


He has shown nothing in an arsenal shirt that says he is better than them


Not too worried not being a stand out striker in the league this season, but not standing out compared to our other strikers is a major concern.


Still think he’s a good signing and will improve. He is doing the right things on the pitch at minimum. Goals will come.


He’ll come good.


It is no coincidence that in the last couple of games Sanchez has started to lift his head and look for teammates more… his passing to Ozil especially has been exquisite, but he has also helped our overall combinations up top with Laca, etc.

The problem is that aside from that wonder pass from Wilshere, our midfield service to forward lines (Ozil, Sanchez, Laca) has been diabolically bad or non-existent. Slow ponderous build up or loop it over to Sanchez - wow that was surprising, bet the other team didn’t see that coming.


So do I, but not while Wenger is here.
He is a decent player but if he keeps getting subbed it means Wenger isn’t convinced by him.


Wengr isnt convinced by anyone but himself, i dont think he knows what the fuck he is doing anymore. He buys quality players then fucking benches them and kills their confidence look at Perez, fucking scoring and assisting in every single fucking game he played for us…where is he, yep on loan with view to be sold WTF is the matter with the cunt!


Getting into good positions and not being picked out.


Going at 1 in 3 at the moment, 22nd appearance 8 league goals, really needs us to start being awarded penalties.


Fuck sake Laca. Big sitter.


That’s a big miss. You have to do better.