Alexandre Lacazette (9)


As a general policy, agreed. Today, I’m with @Phoebica


I hear where both of you are coming from I just feel like the constant early substitutions especially aren’t doing his confidence any good.


Yeah I don’t disagree at all.

If Wenger didn’t do this all the time I’m sure you’d have no objection today, I get where you’re coming from.


I don’t really buy this confidence thing tbh


Either way it’s stupid taking him off like clockwork


He will never score again if you always sub him off. Not difficult to understand FFS!


Yeah, basically what has been said :arrow_double_up:

Wenger shouldn’t have repeatedly taken Lacazette off at the start of the season. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be careful with him now. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Totally see the other side of the coin though, and Lacazette sure didn’t look happy to be subbed.


Yeah it’s pretty stupid but like has been said, our schedule is pretty nutty right now. I would just have put on Walcott or Welbeck instead of Coquelin.

Putting on Coquelin took out an offensive outlet and made us sit back and invite more pressure, which was needlessly stressful.


Wenger hasn’t done this with previous strikers but thinks I know “let’s do this with our shiny new striker that cost more than a pretty penny.”



He looked genuinely pissed off and I was annoyed for him coming off.

The only reason I can think behind it now is Wenger doesn’t want to burn out his only striker with Giroud out, and only a couple days till our next game, and Chelsea two days later.


yup, smacks of spitefulness doesnt it?! I am wondering how many of these players were ‘forced on him’ which he didnt really want. Look at Perez scored or assisted every fucking game he played and still was benched or nit in the squad. I hope to fuck wenger will go and go soon because he is destroying some damn good players we have got.


No player has been forced on Arsene Wenger. Ever. I genuinely believe it’s the one thing that would make him walk away.


probably so, looks so wrong tho what he does with single players. Plays certian players until they are injured and some do so well and then just get binned, dont understand it definitely seems stupid to me. If he does choose them he may have chosen them but maybe he was pushed in that direction when he wanted to go for some unknown or some other player and he just doesnt like that player as much as the others or something. I really dont get what wenger is doing to these talents.


Why does every single god damned decision have to be questioned and second guessed? We overplayed Mustafi in his first season in a new physical demanding league, and he missed chunks of the season and fell out of form. We take a new approach with Laca and have probably saved him a ton of wear and tear in an attempt to keep him fresh and at his best in his first PL season. Be negative about it though.




I think some of you guys are digging for logic that isn’t there. Alexis is important for Wenger and he’s allowed to play close to 90 minutes every game he’s in. I don’t see him missing too much in this busy period. Wenger doesn’t mind Welbeck up top either and obviously he’s stuck Alexis there before, so I really don’t think this is Wenger being cautious, this is just Wenger being Wenger where Lacazette is concerned.

Maybe on this occasion he didn’t need to be on the pitch but it reminds me of the Podolski and Walcott situations before, which for all the theorising from the fans for valid reasons for them to be subbed or benched, it turned out to be Wenger just wasn’t 100% on them and I’m slightly worried that he’s maybe not seeing 100% what he wants or expected from Laca (which could be Laca’s fault and not just mismanagement).

When Giroud and Alexis used to be our number 1 strikers they weren’t yanked off at 70 mins and that goes for basically every starting forward of the Wenger years.


I think the Podolski comparison is apt. Laca has a great shot on him like Podolski but his overall play isn’t great, his dribbling, pace and movement are all pretty sub standard. Overall a good player but I’d like to see him impose himself on games more.


3 assists in last 2 games, is there anyone still doubting him?


Yes because he’s supposed to be scoring goals and he hardly troubles defenders.


Looks ineffective