Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Weird person.


Mate you’re something else, accusing me of ignoring your statements and you start off my saying “what a shit post through and through”. Thats a solid intellectual argument, I wish I had your brain capacity.

I didn’t ignore your statements at all, if you had read what I said without getting into your feelings I stated that in my opinion, the amount of money we have spent should get us closer than we have been for several seasons now, regardless of the other clubs having more. Yet you ignore that opinion, and proceed to accuse me of ignoring yours.

Sorry to have triggered you, I can tell you’re in some kind of rage.


I think he needs a new manager under his belt too


Agreed, but don’t say that with @oompa lurking, he might throw a temper tantrum.


Lovely assist for Ozil’s goal. Worked his socks off tonight, shame it’s not quite coming off for him. It will, eventually. glad he made the full 90.


Yeah he was never a factor in the first half when we played like that.




He played today? Hmm can’t remember seeing him on the pitch.


He got an assist, by using your Walcott logic that’s a productive performance.


Other than a genius backheel I guess?


He is a fucking troll. Leave him alone. Criticizing Lacazette and wanting Walcott is just plain stupid.


That assist was sexy


Only averaging a goal or assist every 128 minutes though. That means he’s still a whole 8 minutes from being a world class player.


Ffs Arsene just leave him on


It’s getting ridiculous.


fucking cunt is breaking the guys confidence…plays sanchez constantly who wants to leave, this guy was on fire to start the season nearly a goal a game and STILL keeps taking him off. Now that Giroud is injured he STILL doesnt get to stay on the pitch, wenger is such a fucking poor manager.


We have three games in six days (including Chelsea!) and no plan B (Giroud) - makes sense to be gentle with him IMO.


I’d be inclined to agree with you if Wenger had actually let him play more often. Prior to today’s game he’s played 1282 minutes in the league, compared to 1800 for Lukaku (who also has 524 mins in the CL) and 1666 in the league for Kane (with over 400 mins in the CL).

He hasn’t really played enough for Wenger to keep taking him off like this.


Fucking Wenger the prick. Stop taking off our best striker every game does my nut so much.

Said we Coquelin was coming on bet number 9 comes up and surprise surprise it was…