Alexandre Lacazette (9)


He’s underperforming but it’s a bit daft calling him a shit striker.


… But he came here because of Wenger.


That’s even worse.
He came here because of Wenger and has seen enough to make him leave.


I thought he came here because of Coquelin


Exactly. Just look at how he played at Lyon and you see why he is struggling.


People had reservations about Lacazette before him coming here. Those reservations might just be justified.

@oompa he came here because his move to Atletico fell through.


They are talking about Özil.

Sanchez had his best ever season playing CF for us, too bad we went in a different direction.


Theres a bit of this going on but it mostly stems from the fact that the players haven’t been constant throughout years and years of failure now, and he has.

He clearly hasn’t figured out how to get the best out of a group of players who are very talented and this had been a problem for ages. He does not manage them correctly in my opinion, to deny this is crazy.


There is no definition of “getting the best out of” except the one where it is vague enough to continuously move one step to the right of whatever he is doing at all times though.

I mean, the time scale is still not clear either, but I’d say getting top 4 and consistently knocking out one or two out of oil teams and scum with a bunch of three-for-ten-pounds dross players is rather remarkable. He beat a couple of those clubs in the league year in and out with a team full of Denilsons and Chamakhs, basically free players plus young British players immune to losing value (Ox went for £40m lol), because our owners didn’t buy us a stadium, we took a loan that we had to pay off with profit/income like normal people would.

To sum it up, it is the expectation that lacks realism imo. We do well enough against the rest of the PL teams to keep our composure as fans imo.

Look at the table, we have 3 teams above us. Their squads cost something like twice as much as ours. Imagine I explained that this was the case in some foreign league you didn’t know much about, what would you say?


There’s nothing remarkable about the way we perform anymore. We are a terrible team to watch. We’ve signed some bang average players and this is the worst squad Wenger has had in terms of suitability for his footballing philosophy.


I take many of your points but I can also point out the things you aren’t taking into account as well.

No one can convince me that he has set up the side properly in big matches for years now, in the decisive moments. Particularly away from home, he has shown a total lack of flexibility and because of it we’ve been embarrassingly predictable and easy to pick off. There is no way to defend his basic philosophy of ignoring the oppositions threats and always trying to play our own football wherever we are. How many times have we lost by 4 or 5 or even 6 at our rivals in the past few years?

And the fact its, since 2013 or so we’ve had the money. Ozil was 40m, Alexis 35m, Lacazette 50m, Xhaka 30m (astonishing) etc. and yet in this period we’ve regressed. There are managers out there who would do a better job with this club and its resources in the year 2017, to deny this is bordering on the insane.



Lacazette is performing exactly how I expected, on target for 16 league goals, he’s a good striker but defiantly not a world class one. His numbers in France were never going to be matched due to stronger competition and less penalties.


The tactical away things - no issues with that.

The rest has been explained in detail over and over and realism and logic has no value in that discussion, that much has been proven. Have money - compared to what - I just said the teams above us’ squads cost twice as much as ours or thereabout. What do you mean have the money. How do you know what money we have. And who is we - specifically. Saying “Fact” to shit that you have no idea whether it is true whatsoever is not good practise.

And we haven’t really regressed since we got those players. Finished above 3rd/4th for the first time in a decade suddenly became irrelevant because then we rather lost 1st so no progress and Wenger out. Not getting a trophy in a decade and then suddenly getting 3 FA cups in 4 years suddenly became irrelevant because now it is a small trophy that doesn’t matter Wenger out. Buying top players from top teams for the first time in a decade instead of free dross suddenly became irrelevant because when we did the rest of the oil teams with no money cap just increased their spending by even more and we’re out again, so Wenger out, as if the new manager will get any more money to work with.

Must be the tenth time I’ve said this now and it is as true every time, all of it. The Fans have regressed in this period, not the club. And the oil clubs in the same league as us have improved more than we have. That is what has actually happened.

I mean the only way we might have shown some sign of regression is that we lost that top 4 place everyone took for granted and downplayed for 20 years.


I still think its too early to even make that claim, scoring 37 goals in France is something most strikers can’t do. He is still adapting and will probably need the first season under his belt.

Let’s face it, he’d be on course for more than 16 league goals if he actually got the minutes he should be getting.

One of the things which frustrates me the most is that we rarely try those balls in behind when he makes those runs off the last defender (today he obviously didn’t take that kind of chance but usually he would).


Yeah I suppose per minutes he’d be doing a little better than 16 goal pace, as for next season though he might have adapted more but he won’t have the creative genius that is Ozil playing behind him.


You cant in one sentence agree with me on the tactical aspect and then proceed to totally minimize it in the rest of your post. Its one of the most important factors, because its what actually happens ON THE PITCH my friend.

And as for your claim that I shouldn’t use the word “fact”, I used it before stating a fact. Those are the relative figures we spent on those players and with that level of investment you can find players good enough to sustain a challenge until at least March or April and not collapse halfway through every single season.

Oh and who did we finish 2nd to two seasons ago, remind me? Are Leicester one of these so called oil clubs you’re referring to? I don’t care that people point out that they were a once in a lifetime occurrence, the reality is we were the only top side not either in transition or having a torrid season that year and we still didn’t take advantage.



He’s played the same amount as Ozil and Alexis. He’s on over 1000 mins


That’s slightly obscured though, Alexis and Ozil have been in and out of the side, particularly at the start when it seemed they may be going and Wenger was benching them regularly still in October.

Alexis and Ozil don’t get regularely yanked off in the 70th minute of every single match, and btw I never said I thought Alexis couldnt have scored more either for example. I’m speaking only about Lacazette here.


what a shit post through and through. On the pitch we got 2nd for the first time, 3 FA trophies etc. are you trolling? you say fact backed up by a “you can find bla bla” just get out, google what fact means, read the stuff I wrote again about squads costing twice as much and read it over and over until you get it. Covering your ears to go na na na on Leicester is not an argument and saying in reality something something that has been covered but you ignored it twice now is not an argument either.

Feel free to go nuts in return but I’ve posted enough off topic here and won’t continue replying.