Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Obviously Wenger is wrong in benching Laca, but 30 goals in all comps in a calendar year is hardly special.


There’s about 12-15 games left yet…


13 if I counted right, fair point.


Yeah and given new shambolic team and not playing consistently with us, he will end up with more than respectable tally


Defending Wenger again? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Giroud did it in 2015







Do we really need him though. He hasn’t been crucial in our big games so far. We can afford without him at the moment.


Was excellent against Spurs.


I mean he probably wasn’t going to start if fit anyways


He is not 40m inferior to Lukaku and Morata.


Yes we do it’s a massive blow.


He is the kinds that can turn a match on it’s head with 1 kick of the ball. Given how defensive Mourinho tends to be in big away fixtures, his quality might be what we need to break United. I think we will miss him.


It’s a big blow but we will still likely have 10 of our first choice 11 available ( Not counting Cazorla) we are at home so we don’t have excuses.


Think he is way better than Lukaku, tbh. Lukaku can’t do what Laca does.


People should never count Cazorla any more unfortunately


And neither can Laca do what Lukaku does


Did he cost 40m less?