Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Alexandre Lacazette may be the last good thing that Arsene Wenger brought to this club. And yet, in the big games, for some reason, he shows less faith in him than he deserves. If only we had started with Lacazette, we might have got another goal and perhaps had a different outcome. We are still no where near City’s quality going forward but their defence is not impenetrable and can be got at if you have quality up front, which we didn’t until Lacazette came on.

I think Arsene is trying to get as many games out of Ozil and Alexis this season before they are sold in Jan or leave in the summer, which is alright if their performances deserve a start. Or, maybe the club is thinking of selling them in Jan and therefore are hoping they put in the kind of performances that attract some buyers. Whatever the reason, if Lacazette doesn’t start every game in the premiership going forward, it’s another question on Wenger’s thinking.


Bet he already wants to leave.


If Lacazette stays it means next season we will be like Everton last season.
Decent FB’s, ageing CB’s, no world class midfielders and a decent striker who will be looking to go elsewhere.

But the good thing is that we will probably be able to sell him for more than we bought him for, so at least we will have made a profit.


And that’s the most important thing :sunglasses:


On the plus we might not have a wenger either


6 goals in 11 games, with 2 starting from the bench. Guess he has done quite well so far.


Oh wow that’s so funny.

Seriously though there was nothing wrong with the way we set up you people are just looking for something to say Ahaaa gotcha.


Yeah the reality is, it wasn’t because he was on the bench.

Mmm sweet irony


You got Celine Dion playing in the back ground there.


No, I am calling bs. I can’t stand dishonesty and blindness, I call bs when it’s actually bs.

A lot of people on here don’t look at our game on a game by game basis, rather as one huge collective.


What’s the point when you are obviously watching a different game than the rest of us?


Umm “virtue signaling”

“We lost cause wenger…”

When it comes to arsenal objective critic has vanished and replaced with “muh feelings”; a clear example Everton will finish above us because they spent more…


Fucking Wenger makes me so mad. Can’t wait till he fucks off and we get a sane manager


So true.


Wenger was probably screaming at the TV for them to sub him off. “It’s gone 70 minutes lads, GET HIM OFF”


He has to play a full 90 in the NLD no matter what. THIS IS THE FACKIN’ BARCLAYS WENGER, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY WILL YAH?! CUNT.


Its amazing how amazing these players are playing for their countries but we dont get the best out of them here…i wonder what is holding us back :roll_eyes:


:wenger: :wenger2:


Kroenke apparently.


Bench him immediately