Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Let me get this straight; Alexis being greedy and wants to shot on sight Wenger fault, Ozil picking off passes but not assisting wingers fault, poor crosses in the box wengers fault, team mates ignoring the strikers movement in the box or space wengers fault. Dude when are you ever going to blame the people on the pitch not being adventurous or playing to conservative, players being to selfish?

Tactics and picking players that’s wenger all day long. Yeah we all get it that you want wenger gone, ignore the obvious is very dishonest.
At Spurs everything goes through Kane.


That’s because Kane makes chances for himself and because he has better movement. Lacazette isn’t great with either and never had many chances per game at Lyon in Ligue 1 for the same reason. Contrast that with RVP having 4.6 shots per game here


His not like a the weekend he should of had two tap ins to his name alone just through being in the right place at the right time but both Bellerin and Lolo shot instead cutting it back across goal to Laca at the far post, it’s early days tho and we haven’t had a natural #9 for years so hopefully those kinda things will come with time.


If we could make Giroud a 100 goals striker, we can definitely make Lacazette prolific soon enough.
I have no concerns about Lacazette. From what I have seen so far, he is a good acquisition.


How the fuck did he not start. Clinical.


Brilliant finish from the Frenchman! :muscle:


It’s amazing how we paid £52m for him, only to bench him in big games.

It’s supposed to be big players for big occasions, right?


Wenger’s logic: bench a striker who can score goals :thinking:


Wenger is killing this club. Fucking idiot pays 52M for him and always subs him then benches him away to Liverpool and City.:neutral_face:


Did we park the bus in the 1st half? My expectation was to park the bus until 70 mins then try and win it. Pretty sure we’ve done it twice against City before.


Can’t understand how Iwobi started ahead of this guy


Really I can give you two. Arsene Wenger


Credit where its due came on and was a good strikers finish, was a good contest at that stage until the linesman decided to spoil the game.


And to think people said he was a big game bottler based on 1 game Vs Chelsea.


Guess only one person said it :wink:


Iwobi actually had a big part to play in the move that created Lacazette’s goal to begin with. It was Özil and Alexis that were genuinely crap today and we would have been better off without in hindsight.


The set up was spot; had we won or drew the game nobody would moan about it.


Why didn’t Lacazette start in our Europa League game if Wenger never intended on starting him at Man City ?


But we didn’t. Darn reality always getting in the way of straw man arguments.


Yeah in the same way as if the TITANIC had made it to New York.