Alexandre Lacazette (9)




I’m happy with him so far, honestly… like the way our team can play with him in the squad and our dysfunctional midfield and Ozil absence certainly hasn’t helped… I am pretty confident he will turn into a great signing.


Going forward, I think Lacazette may be more effective at attracting talent than Wenger. Everyone loves him.


It’s not like he was available 3 years ago.

Oh wait… :wenger:


He wasnt really the same player 3 years ago, so I’m indifferent tbh. Very glad we got him when we did, although it would equally have been interesting to see further developments had he stayed where he was for just one more season.


We should have bought him in summer 2015 when we just bought fucking Cech.

Or even last year at a push but Wenger as usual dithers for years before pulling the trigger


Let’s be honest, he’s a good player, he’s a good finisher with a bullet of a shot and links up well but he’s not a game changer is he? At the moment I’m seeing him in the Podolski bracket.

Signing him 2-3 years ago wouldn’t have made our better players sign new contracts, no.


I certainly have higher expectations than I did for Podolski then or in retrospect… much higher. Is he top, top class or one of the most promising youngsters (either/or) in Europe? No, but he is in that very next tier for me. Will he be massive smash at Arsenal? We’ll see, but I like him better than any options we had so he is certainly the right kind of upgrade (not just another depth/hope player like Welbeck).


Podolski who couldn’t link the play well, was more static than Giroud, only used one foot and essentially was a finisher at best?



Yeh, he’s definitely above the Podolski bracket.


I think he’s been a great signing for us and chipped in with a few goals so far but he will never be on the level of a premiership winning striker that we really need, someone like Aguero and Kane (who is getting near messi/ronaldo levels right now)


and how many of those are floating around ready to be snapped up. I think he is doing really well for his very 1st season in the EPL.


yeah I agree he is doing well and I even said that


Seems to do an awful lot of graft for the team. I feel we need to have someone in the midfield (Xhaka) that can lace balls through the lines and give Alex more 1v1 opportunities. Tickling the ball around the box is nice but some variation is needed.


Fancy him to get another goal at the Emirates today :laca:


He’s picked up the pace of the league well and settling quick which is great. Still a hell of a lot to come from Laca.


I expect he will get on the scoresheet again today, this sort of opposition at home seems to be his bread and butter.


1 shot in 81’ mins. Not being supplied properly


AOL doesnt look promising tbh. Alexis wants it to be AAA, Ozil is only good in spurts when he wants to be, and Laca ends up being isolated with poor service.


Contrast that with Kane that’s averaging 6 shots per game.

This team is just so woefully disjointed and it’ll never get better until Wenger well and truly fucks off.