Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Agreement with Giroud to give him PL minutes.


I would’ve brought Walcott on, with him and Lacazette on the counter Watford would’ve been dead and buried. But Giroud has Wenger’s nudes so he’s forced on


I’ve seen people suggest he’s trying to keep Giroud match sharp for EL games. Seems like more evidence of poor squad management.

Either way I don’t think there’s some kind of agreement. Doubt giroud is satisfied with 20mins each match, he’d rather be starting


These guys kept fucking up all our counters because they aren’t clinical enough. Walcott would have scored a hat trick with the chances we wasted on the counter tbh.


Walcott is actually one of the best finishers we have, kills keepers 1 v 1, been very underused this season as Watford would’ve got thrashed if he came on


Who’s gonna bite, I wonder…



Walcott 2nd top scorer last season, same this season without playing a game in PL. Stats show he is ‘one of the best finishers we have’ so what’s trolling about it…


Oh… slowly backs away


Seems to lack some confidence

LOL just as I post this he scores


First goal away from home! :smile:


Glad he got something for his work, he is just slightly out of sync at times and a bit unlucky, glad he got one here!


Subbed again. If Lacaz plays 90 minutes he turns into a pumpkin. Pass it on.


Pretty poor performance in his general play tbh but he’s a poacher and he took his chance to solidify our lead can’t ask for more than that.


Lovely finish


Being a fan of Giroud I would expect it would take a lot, lot worse than that to get you to say this ^


It’s a nice thought to think that with this AOL puzzle piece in play, all Lacazette has to think about is staying up high and waiting for anything through the lines or bobbling around the box. I hate seeing our 9’s having to haul there arse around the pitch because we’re inept in the build up.

Superb finish. He also kissed Özil’s neck when Mesut scored :giroud3: :giroud2:

Got a bit of chub on there.


and the solution is better midfield play imo, and I think with it we could move Sanchez (who is also further back than I’d like him to be) slightly further up the pitch.


You can tell that Ozil and Alexis enjoy playing with him a lot more than static Giroud.


Too bad he was signed three years too late and coincidentally in the year where both Özil and Sanchez are looking to fuck off.