Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Penalties or not, players that have reached 30 league goals in the last 20 odd years are all of a certain level that could ultimately walk into any team in the world.

Our man Laca is good, but not quite there yet imo. Certainly has all the ingredients to succeed however unlikely. Ozil might be key if he is to have a crack at the 30+ club.




Debuchy, talk about a drama queen.


If true, someone at Arsenal just end his misery and send him off to a vacation.


it’s a pic with words on it. Why wouldn’t it be true…



Come on how could you even believe that qoute was real lol


Yeah the internet wasn’t a thing until the 90s and Abraham Lincoln died in the 40s. Definitely fake. And can’t even tie a tie.


Abe’s mind would be blown away by the Internet, for sure. If he didn’t die in WWII. :eyes:


Lol! So fake!


yeah definitely fake, imagine someone like Lacazette talking to that fucking peasant Debuchy…PAH :roll_eyes:


Proper brain fart from me not realising that was a quote someone had made up for a meme, lol. Dare I say @Luca_from_Italy esque?

Need. More. Sleep.


Stop subbing him on the 60th motherfucking minute in every game you fucking idiot Wenger.


more to the point…why the FUCK does he keep on playing Lacazette with fucking xhaka and elneny, the guy needs decent passes to him some cutting-edge some creativity but he gives him those fucking useless clowns. Then puts on ozil that could help him, then takes him off and replaces him with Giroud which can actually deal with balls being lumped up to him…does he do this on fucking purpose. I REALLY HATE the guy now, just please fuck off. Being paid 10m a year and cant see something that basic fans with no experience can see, Wenger is purposefully fucking us over now I feel he is definitely sabotaging no one does this he literally feels that he can do no wrong and can never be sacked so he does this because he can.


Xhaka I’ll agree with but not Elneny. He could be useful in Xhakas position if we had one shred of creativity in our midfield. Maybe we can still get Seri in January. Thats the type of player we need.


What do people make of this Giroud - Laca substitution thing?


Having a player like Laca and not playing him for 90 mins is fucking foolish.


Don’t like it.

I don’t believe Wenger is doing it for any good reason other than trying to keep Giroud happy/rewarding him for staying when he had the opportunity of leaving to Everton.


Same here… Laca seems fine fitness-wise and he is so clearly superior to Giroud… Giroud is fine as rotational and back-up option for now, but this routine is meh… Giroud was pretty dire when he came on today as well.


It’s too systematical and has no logic. We could be winning 6-0 or losing 6-0, this substitution still gets made.