Alexandre Lacazette (9)


I want to see Alex Trio with Ozil behind them in 433 formation.
If we could hire 2 quality midfielders, That would be most balanced side we would have.


Griezzy and Lacaz :neutral_face:


That’s probably why Lacazette was so close to signing for Atletico as well

Didn’t realise they were bezzies


Lacaz woukd have defo been an Atletico player if it weren’t for their ban.


What’s a straight killa like Lac doing befriending a lil bitch like Antoine?


If we finish in the CL spots it is a possibility. I have said long ago they are really good friends everyone thinks he will go to manu because of pogba but he is more friends with Laca, plus where would you rather be Manchester or London. Also if Sanchez goes there is space for him, over at manu they have martial and mata and even rashford that play there…i could see it being Laca and Griezmann in time, even when he plays for france Wenger talks to him often so who knows. Knowing our luck it makes too much sense so it wont happen, but in reailty it definitely should!


Would be great but it’s wishful thinking.

Our club is in an utter state of rot and United’s is back on the rise, they will pay him more, could easily afford his release clause and doesn’t matter who they have he goes straight into the team.

Griezmann is a player we should have signed before he went to Atletico, it’s a pipe dream now.


Agent Laca :santi2: :laca:


Griezmann looked very likely to goto United and you’d imagine he’d go there next summer. If they go for someone else I suppose that opens up the possibility. The following look like they’ll move next summer:


and maybe Fekir

and maybe

Messi…(obviously not to us)


If Greizmann goes to united then that would mean some of their young guys getting frozen out right? I’ll take Martial and Rashford then plzzzz :grinning:


Fuck that noise, let the French bestie bromance begin.

Lemar can fuck off and die in an alley somewhere.



probably is the plan in reality, for the amount that monaco want for the guy you can actually buy griezmann.


Yeah, suck a dick Mario, or what ever your name is. We have a new favourite now


Honestly, there are more chances of Lacazette joining Greizmann at Athletico than the other way around.


Yeah, true that :hipster:


Reminds me of RVP in terms of flair and finishing. He can have the same impact RVP did in his last season. Laca will hit 30 goals


van Persie was incredible that season probably the best striker in the world between 2011 and 2013.

I like Laca but really can’t see him hitting them heights in his first season


True but he hit 30 something goals last season so it’s possible


He scored 17 non penalty league goals last season.

I think he’ll score around the same number this season with his penalty padding taking him up to 25ish mark. That is reasonable for his first season depending on other contextual factors