Alexandre Lacazette (9)


I feel like you aren’t being objective tbh



Try disproving what I said though.


can you clarify what exactly it is you have said? Reading through the thread it just feels as if you are forming your opinion based on who looks more aesthetic.

Status support Lukaku


What I said in my previous post, you said that smaller sample size shows what he has to offer and I contended that it’s his first season in the league and he’s playing without the teams best player.

In any case I don’t want to make this some kind of proxy Lukaku or Morata thread so yeah I’m done.


and the bigger sample size? The one where he is in La Liga playing for Real Madrid, as an impact sub (which as Burgandy mentioned, generally inflates per 90 stats).


Your stats do support Lukaku as being more effective but I’d imagine much of Lukaku’s key passes and chances created come from flick ons from long balls. I just don’t see his general play as being nearly skillful where as Morata’s is. However perhaps Lukaku can or will be effective despite that. It’ll be interesting to see who performs better in the big games.


Interesting that you mentioned big games, Burgandy (i think) posted a stat a recently which made it clear that league winners of the last 6 seasons werent top of the ‘top 6 mini leagues’.

It was actually clubs who had the most points out of playing the bottom 14 teams that went on to win. So in reality even being the better ‘big game’ player might not help decide whos better.

Depends if you buy into it I guessm


Well that’s true Suarez at Liverpool scored most of his goals against minows, most forwards do. I suppose maybe the real question is if a player can turn a game by himself when things aren’t going your way.

I remember Morata did pretty well in the big games for Juve. We managed to neutralise him in that 1 match, but it was just 1 match.


Yeah historically ive perceived him as a great big game player. Vital in a cup final for instance, but a tad frustrating to watch from what I’ve seen.

Luckily he has Conte as a manager so should reach his potential and settle sharpish


Can’t wait to see Laca, Alexis and Ozil together. We should start scoring away from home as well.


I’d prefer if he didn’t reach his potential lol



Could have had a goal today bar the woodwork and his disallowed goal against Stoke was a sick finish too, which would take his tally up to 6 goals this season.

I think he’s fine, Wenger is just trying to work out how to fit him into the team and still give Giroud minutes.


Yeah, i do agree. 4 goals in 7 games are an ok return. Ligue 1 is completely different from the Premier League.


I always found the ‘goal-scoring instinct’ stuff a cliche when it came to strikers/forwards. But he really does him to bring that to live. Nice to see. If we would have a Cesc-like player spraying passess like he did for us Lacazette would have so many more 1-v-1 opportunities I reckon.


Not sure we’ve got the requisite facilitators to bring out the best in him particularly with Özil with one foot out the door.


Agree with Spiro. Still lots to come from Lacazette. He was absolute hitman for Lyon and is capable of being one of the best in and around the box.


Looking at him on and off the ball when we attack his movement is clever and sharp, we just don’t really play direct enough fotball to fully play to the strength of a player like him.

It is still beneficial to some degree, and it is fair to assume that he will adapt further to our style as the season progresses.


I think against teams like Birghton who put 10 men behind the ball, he was always going to have a lesser effect but still managed to show us glimpses of his ability. He could have had 2 goals had it not been for the woodwork and some last ditch defending. And yes, we aren’t playing to his strengths at the moment. Our midfield is not creative enough and our build-up play is too slow for him to show us his best. Had he been playing for City, he probably would have been the top scorer in the league right now.


What i like most about him is that he isn’t afraid to take shots. It has been time since we had a striker like him.