Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Yeah my mind was completely gone last night. :joy:



Lukaku bottom :eyes:


Bottom of a list of very good strikers in a single metric, no shame in that.

Interesting to see that Morata is way above him though :eyes:



Morata will end up being the superior striker, he’s the better player with regard to all round game already.

Playing every week is going to improve him to a high degree and in a team like Chelsea once he’s fully acclimatised he’ll be a nightmare.

Liking what I’m seeing from Laca, movement is very slick and he links it up very, very nicely. Then there’s a fact he’s a great finisher, will only get better here. Nice to see we have someone that’s not only found in the box most of the time but is also alive to anything that drops in a flash.


Morata is going to prove to be a better all round player than Lukaku/Laca, I was wrong about him, at Juve I thought he just wasn’t prolific enough. But his movement is very intelligent alongside elite pace. The goal he scored this weekend where he dribbled with close control at full sprint was very impressive. He should of had 4 or 5 this weekend. He reminds me of Suarez in the way he’s constantly making runs that lose his marker and similarly he may miss a good few of those it won’t matter because of the quantity of chances his movement makes.

Lacazette probably has the best shot out of the 3 and the most clinical but he’s physically the weakest, smallest and maybe the slowest. His movement isn’t as good either imo. But he has very good link up play. And he still should get over 20 league goals.


Lukaku has scored a crazy amounts of goals every season since he was 16

You could probably say mortas is already a better footballer than lukaku but i highly doubt he will ever be a better striker, It would depend on the style of play of each squad and how well each player is suited to them,

Torres was always a better footballer than drogba but drogba suited the way moutiniho wanted to play and they didn’t have much success with Torres up front


Too much Ribena :hipster:


Morata has more ways to score and create so offers more. Lukaku will score goals with his head or make a run in behind with intelligent movement. Morata can do that too but can also make goals for himself with his dribbling and make goals for others with his link up play. It’s almost like the time when people compared Van Nisteroy to Henry, RVN was more clinical earlier in his career but Henry scored similar amounts and had so much more to his game

Injuries had ruined Torres before he moved to Chelsea


And utd were just as if not more successful with RVP up front whist we had Henry, Depending on the make up of the rest of your team either can will be more effective


When the debate between Messi & Ronaldo is never settled, despite a huge gulf of quality between the two; I doubt we can debate out the conclusion as to who is better between Morata & Lukaku since the gap between them is lot smaller.


When Morata starts scoring at a similar rate (which I’m sure he will) he will the better striker since he already has the better all round game.

I’ve said before that I believe there’s a very good chance he’ll net 20 plus goals in his first season in the league and it looks like he’ll do so which indicates his class.

There’s a good chance Laca does too especially with pens :grin:


Small sample size but:


bigger sample: @arsenescoatmaker


Morata isn’t far off at all from Lukaku in your “bigger” sample size image in 11 less games with the majority of his appearances off the bench. Just look at the minutes played, try again mate.

Two big caveats in both set of statistics tbh.


Lukaku has almost 3 times the minutes man.


per 90 metrics…


Coming off the bench generally inflates per 90 stats.


exactly, if anything this seasons stats are a better representation of what he offers, however the sample size IS small so, hey ho. @Darkseid


In a season where he is still acclimatising to the league and keeping pace with the best strikers it has to offer regardless.

And with no Hazard also, hey ho indeed.