Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Theo has excellent movement, the best in this team. That alongside his pace is his biggest assets. His control, dribbling, technique, shot are all sub par but you can’t knock his movement.


I think he gets caught offside too much to really consider his movement as infallible, but I guess you could chart that under positional awareness or intelligence.



The touch at 2:04 :giroud2:

I hope he is that type of player that tracks back and works hard. If he is doing that in his 60th game for the club then fair do’s. Could easily be in the honeymoon period still so enthusiasm is high.

So far top signing.


Lacazette’s first touch and link up play are among the best i have ever seen. He is underrated, imo.


That’s a really bold statement lol


It is but this is quite Bergkampesque


Some good link-up play here.


He’s had a good game to be honest, but in true Arsenal striker fashion, misses a fucking tap in. :giroud3:


On second viewing I don’t think it was an easy chance.


Came at him very quickly


Excuses, excuses


Was happy with him today, goals will come :slight_smile:


Quite wasteful I thought. Too many turnovers and misplaced passes.


sell him


Had some very theo walcott esque moments, except he didn’t create any goals. At least with Theo we score goals when he plays.


He tried side footing instead of hitting true.


Misplaced passes and missed a chance that he should have buried.


Agreed. Not an easy finish at all, given how quick he had to react and the awkward height the ball was at, and that it was on his left foot. I think the chances of that going in are about 50-50. On another day, it would have gone in and we would have been praising him for being lethal in front of goal.


Laca is going about as well as I expected, 2 goals in 5 and struggling to have an impact against the better teams.