Alexandre Lacazette (9)

Less minutes, more goal contributions and more fluid attack. All there to be seen, the donkey isn’t even worth mentioning anymore.

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Nah, they’re both good players. They excel at different things which is perhaps why they play well together.

Lol what Arsenal have you been watching for the last 4 years. They most definitely do not play well together, they like playing together with their little handshakes and stuff but the balance is dog shit with them both in the team

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FA Cup 2020 says hi.

You mean the cup we completely shit housed our way to win by playing the most defensive football known to man kind while Auba showed true individual brilliance each game.

Yeh that’s not what I’d use as example of cohesion at all.

Lol, it was a tactically astute win with some excellent performances in the semis and and final. And you need a good balance to do that.
We destroyed Chelsea in the final. That defence still has nightmares of Pepe.

Laca and Auba work well together. It only started not going so well when Auba’s form dropped and he lost his killer instinct. 2018-2020 are great references of it working well.

Let’s not forget Laca and Auba together carried Emery in his first year.

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I do miss the handshake tbf

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Smith-Rowe and co would hardly be scoring if Auba was stinking up every attack


Both players have disappointing stats for goals per minute given their prices and pay packets.

Auba really was getting worse and worse though. Seems obvious to me he’s only here for the beer (money I mean). Shocking how he switched off.

As Lacazette wants a career ending big contract he’s putting a shift in but think he’s more than capable of doing an Auba if given a long and very lucrative contract.

Sad indictment on the overall attack or lack thereof when it comes to Arsenal really. Auba even being misused or diminished has scored more goals than Laca, but we should be scoring a ton more regardless if there was any half decent management, not relying on a shit Giroud to play our midfielders in to goal :thinking:

Papazette after the match.


Can he play 90 on Sunday aswell? :rofl:

Found a picture from earlier in the season.
Papazette with ESR, Martinelli and Saka. :heart:


This cracked me up lol


:rofl: :joy: :grin:

We fucking need him to that’s the scary thing.

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ESR doesn’t look how I’d imagine as a kid.


We won

  1. Arsenal need a striker
  2. Lacazette > Aubameyang ;).


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Didn’t think any pegged Auba finishing out like this

Big shame