Alexandre Lacazette (9)

Showing why Giroud has been ahead of him in the France squad.

Alexandre Lackofthreat is the best I’ve heard.


Seriously just shy of 50 million quid spent on him.

In 4 full seasons this bloke won’t have hit 20 goals in all competitions in a season yet.

No wonder he doesn’t get a look in for the national team.

Taking all the heat on here it seems, and fair enough, Aubameyang should have started.

But as I said in the Willian thread, I think it might be a different story if we had one of Pepe/Martinelli on the left to attack the space. Having an offensive non entity on the LW and then Laca dropping deep as well was not the right combo. There were a few times Laca played Saka on the right from deep but you need your left winger attacking spaces that are there.

Still would have started Auba of course, but Laca was better than Willian in this game by some distance, IMO.

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Shit bastard


First time seeing that miss, Ricky Rozay never left.

These lacazette titanic videos are immense

Dunno how to embed on my phone can’t see the option


The prick was jogging. Look at him accelerating in the end because he realized the defender was right behind him.

Take some notes. That’s what top bins is.

I reckon he was knackered by the time he got to take his shot. Poor fella isn’t used to running that far

Well it’s standard Laca and having time to think compounded it.
Still think Auba miss was the bigger miss though.

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What? Auba was to right of the goal, ball travelling across him with the keeper covering near post and a defender to his left, must’ve been his first touch since coming on as well. Yeah if you want a 350k a week contract and to be considered top you make something out of that but a 1v1? Loads of space? Have to score those.

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YouTube is a fucking cunt.

I watch that Laca titanic video, YouTube decides to follow it up with

Thanks a lot, ruined my day.


Which was worse?

  • Laca’s
  • Auba’s

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Can’t split them, both diabolical.


Over £100m spent on those two.

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Tbf Aub’s been worth every penny. Especially in a world lacking good young strikers.



There’s no world where a professional football player, operating as a striker throughout their entire career, should miss the target from that kind of position. The goal is so big.


Send this vid to the Kroenkes, a language they may understand.


Fabrizio said we had a good offer from him last summer. I believe there was rumour that it was Roma.
He also said that Atleti and Juventus enquired.

I think the clubs mentioned above will be interested in him this summer as well. We’ll see.