Alexandre Lacazette (9)

For me, he and Auba should both start.

For better or worse, they’re our best finishers at the club imo. Gotta hope they actually show that.

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Smith Rowe on the left wing still means the most chance creation. Especially with Tierney coming back. If we don’t create shit how are Lacazette and Aubameyang going to score? We finally have solutions for what has been a problem for half a season, but we’re still going back to what didn’t work?

I’m thinking of a front 4 of Auba-ESR-Saka with Laca further ahead.
Essentially, ESR and Saka(and Laca) will take more responsibility creatively which they’ve shown before they are really good at and Auba will be the fox in the box.

These four upfront aren’t the answer to our creative issues. Sure on occasion it works. Otherwise our game in this set up is slow, predictable and uninspiring. It really boggles my mind that we have new options to experiment with and people prefer the same shit :joy:.


Rowe Ode Saka should all start together when possible perfect combination of ball retention and creativity… Rowe would work well with Tierney down the flank


I’d say no and Auba should start.

If I was manager though Lacazette would have started vs City.

I prefer going with what we know in Europe. Personally, I think our best football this season was with Laca up front, ESR behind him and Saka on the right.
The only place up for grabs is LW which should either be taken by Auba or Pepe. Auba offers another threat in the box while Tierney can pretty much cover all of the left flank.

Just because we played the best with Lacazette upfront doesn’t mean it was actually good football and shouldn’t be improved upon. It was still terrible.

We don’t need another threat in the box. We need cohesive, creative, consistent, attacking play. Goals will be a result of that.

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Multiple threats in the box create more space though.
Laca up front and Auba joining in from either side is a proven combination based on our European run with Emery and the FA Cup win last season.

ESR Ø Saka

Aubameyang or Lacazette

Don’t care which striker starts but them three behind should play every game

Yeah. But teams have figured out. They know Aubameyang is going to make that run in behind and anticipate on it. Big reason why we are so toothless this season. It did have it’s worth, but it’s time to evolve to the next thing. It would be stupid not too.

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Fair but now we have ESR and Saka to change that dynamic?
I do agree we need to evolve away from it but this should have started earlier in the season. Don’t think EL at this stage is the time to experiment.

Our best attacking performance, albeit against an open Leeds side, was when we had Ødegaard and EDB on the pitch at the same time.

We should continue with that approach because it bore fruit and produced some quality, inventive football.

And when you have to play Saka then you’re forced into choosing either one of Auba or Laca for the CF spot. Only way around this problem is if you push Ødegaard back into the midfield pivot, play EDB as the roaming CAM and put Auba at LW again. It might work but not sure whether Ødegaard plus Xhaka is a balanced pairing.

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Lava is better for balance but it is time to move on. We should be looking at selling him at a decent price in summer. So go full nuts on Auba as CF plan although it won’t work as well.

Saka, ESR and Pepe are good option in wings which we previously didn’t have

I would really like to see the ESR-Odegaard-Saka combo behind Auba with an in form Tierney and Partey back in the lineup.

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That’s hilarious.


Lacas trying to Arteta sacked with messages on his boots. Good move

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Arteta to Laca:

“I want your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.”


Lacazette pulling out the stops for that new contract