Alexandre Lacazette (9)

Yeah Arteta just saying how much he likes Laca and why he wants to keep. In not so many words saying that Laca starting over Eddie.

Laca for 60 Nketiah for the last 30.

It works for me. As Laca much better. Don’t care what the Hale End Nutters say.


Laca is one of the best strikers in the world.
Nketiah is one of the best up and coming strikers in the world.

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Some of your hyperboles, mate. Laca one of the best in the world, Giroud one of the best of his generation :joy:.


Hyoerboles for others. Facts for me. :wink:

This guy plays as if he wears concrete boots. Slow in the chase and runs

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Se queda.

This part is true tbf

I like Laca , personally it would be crazy to sell him . If people honestly think that Eddie Notscored is a better option then that is
way beyond belief.
I’d get Lacazette tied down for at least another 2-3 years .
Cracking player , cracking finisher


He’s actually a very good player, with great technique.

But he an awful fit for this league. He has no strength and no speed or stamina. Zero hold up play, which means we give the ball away quickly when he has the ball 9/10 and have to defend a counter.

The other 1/10 he manages to use his technique and gifts to create a chance.

I’ll concede he is actually a good player and it makes sense that Juve and Atletico are after him because he would be a huge problem in Serie A. Easily see him getting 20-30 goals there.

And Atletico I can see him fitting the system there too with his defensive workrate.

But not in the PL. Not for us. I’m sorry. It’s just not going to work out. Cut losses. Any of these teams offer £30m, take it and run. For the good of everyone. It’s best for Lacas career as well.

His technique is also a bit shit

I think everyone would sell him if we got a decent offer

The hold up play was exemplary first half and okay second half. But awful on the break. The lack of pace is a massive weakness unfortunately.

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I wouldn’t… Who would everyone replace him with? Edouard from Celtic, someone who has never played in a top league???
I’ll stick with Lacazette, thanks very much…

2 games 2 goals.

The sauce is back :fire::fire::fire:



The same league Tierney played in?

Have you not learned to judge the player not the league yet lol

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Yes I have thank you, but Tierney always looked a great player… Edouard? Not so much…

Have you ever watched him?

Yeah… Have you???

Yes nearly every weekend thanks