Alexandre Lacazette (9)

Had a really poor performance tonight, maybe just rust after coming back from the injury ?

Made a cunt of himself on that fall.

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At least there was contact, unlike most of Kane’s dives :poldi:

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Don’t think he was that bad really, made some nice turns, tried to be positive. Just a bit rusty and playing in a collectively bad team didn’t help.

Delighted he’s back.

Yeah I’ll admit playing under Unai Emery is stuff of nightmares for a striker. For Aubameyang to reach 30 goals in a season under him is probably the best achievement of his career.

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He was clowning out there. In general, everyone was so bad yesterday. Our players started getting really antsy with each other too. It wasn’t till Pepe’s first that the team looked united.

time to stage a revolt lads. go straight to Edu, ‘either he goes or we go’ pls.

Unbelievable how easy it is for Palace to pass out from the back. Allowed Milivojevic to pull the strings and he did.

They gave us room to pass at the back too.

Its the rest of the set up thats the problem. We have no functioning midfield.

We may have no functioning midfield but in this instance, it’s the lack of pressure from our strikers that allows Milivojevic to pick a pass. It’s partly an Emery issue but Lacazette in particular switches off (back to the ball and complaining).

I get that but pressing is a team ethos thing. Either everyone does it or none. The moment one or two press with others sitting is when holes appear and get punished.

Its quite obvious Emery has no proper pressing strategy. I actually enjoyed his early days where we used to press as a team but he’s abandoned that for fuck knows now.


Should’ve at least scored for us tonight altho pretty sure we would’ve lost anyway

He’s good but sellable




All of a sudden he looks lackluster and he really can’t afford to drop below his best because he’s an easy player to isolate. Signs aren’t good since injury.

Laca Out!

Not true! Plenty of people were highlighting our systemic issues that showed that that run was not sustainable and if anything, a fluke.


Yeah it was long being pointed out that we were riding our luck.

Was that the unbeaten run when managed to score with about 12 consecutive shots on target or something ? :joy:

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