Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Meh Big Phil Scolari won a world cup, doesn’t mean I take his work seriously now.

I guess you can have what is basically a Madam Toussauds Waxwork up front when you have the luxury of 2 future Ballon D’or winning forwards up front. Not so much when your wing options are Ramsey and Welbeck.


Yeah if they flopped at the WC you could.


Not gonna flop with the players they have are they, that team can carry themselves without a manager if needed.


Nah you can flop irrespective of players if things aren’t right, plenty of examples, Spain at last years WC for one.


Feels really lucky that we have him playing tonight lol


Should have stayed suspended


feels really lucky he can still play the next round as well.


He needs bollocking tonight and the team need to realise how important discipline needed. Home ref decision tonight seen him stay on. Very lucky player.


Tbf I can understand it, those Rennie’s cough syrups were flopping around like nobody’s business.


For all the benefits of two striker systems a lot of attacks die when Laca and Auba get on the ball in deep areas. The approach seems more beneficial earlier in games but more often than not needs switching up to a front 3 later in the match.