Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Lelelelelel I :heart: this comment :joy::joy:


Yeh and what is ur excuse for Giroud? Giroud as a lone striker at least still got us top 4 more than can be said for Laca tbh 🖒🖒


Giroud is a slightly more advanced Andy Carroll. Laca is on a totally different level to Giroud.


Why are you discussing with a famous Laca Bayer?


There’s more than one way of reading that in fairness. :eyes:


Wuts a Laca Bayer?


Always had a soft spot for strikers that work their ass off and make the team click. Usually those guys don’t have the best numbers but score in big moments.


I meant Laca hater. Mobile text :xhaka:


Basically, if Atleti managed to buy him before us, he would have fired them through past Juve last night.

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Hah I forgot about that. God bless that transfer ban they got :joy:


Lacazette’s numbers this season are fairly decent

:arrow_forward: 19 G/A in 21 starts + 8 substitutions
:arrow_forward: Not our sole striker/consumer
:arrow_forward: Not a penalty taker which takes about 3 goals off his tally if you compare him to the leading strikers (Auba - 3 pens, Kane - 4 pens, Salah - 3 pens, Aguero - 2 pens).

Maybe if he was our sole striker he wouldn’t be good enough for us as I am unsure he can lead an attack for 38 games per season and deliver the same output Kane or Aguero do. But him and Auba compliment each other very well and give us options. It’s always good when defenses have to keep their minds busy with more than one person.


No Laca in Deschamps’ list for the coming friendlies, wtf does he have to do to be called up.


Be a tall, useless donkey, so basically be Giroud


On Lacazette and Ben Yedder

“I don’t think they will be happy today," he told a media conference.

“They are doing a lot of very good things, but I have to make choices. They are both closer in style to each other than Giroud. Giroud is less used in the Premier League, but what he does for us…”


Good for us. Hope he has a little break somewhere. Him and Auba are our only viable options up front, so the less unecessary games they play the better.


Agreed. I have to say I couldn’t care less at this point. We need everything from him in this final stretch of the season now.

Hopefully he can remedy some of that anger against some cocky French lads tonight :laca:


So just because Giroud can head a ball he gets called up. Laca offers much more, but who cares, right?


DD did get it done at the World Cup, I’ve questioned him before but he’s got credits in the bank now.


Lulululululululul Giroud got called up to the French NT and Laca didn’t? Hmmmm…well looks like you guys and ur argument about the importance of hold up play in a striker was right and I was completely wrong. Giroud just seems to be better at it than Laca according to the manager of the best team in international football.


or it could be the french coach is braindead…just sayin