Alexandre Lacazette (9)


That’s how he appeared when he got the Monaco job. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


So Lacazette is now available for the 2nd leg against Rennes :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:






So odd seeing this praise for his well rounded game in spite of goals when Giroud got so much shit for not being prolific


Surely, Laca has to start now because i don’t trust Auba at all. Can’'t see them both starting, especially if :mkhi: is back.


He’s protected by Auba. If Laca was the only striker we had he’d be getting shit eventually when he goes on a longer goal drought, which he’s prone to do.


The same Lacazette who’s broke the record for most consecutive goals and or assists at the Emirates and the same Aubameyang who just broke his long goal drought on Sunday ? :joy:

Your hatred for Laca is incredible


@Arsenal4thetreble is right because for all Lacazette’s good work he’ll only score around 20 in all comps and we have a lack of scoring power from midfield. I’m not having a go at Lacazette here but if we didn’t have Auba scoring 25-30 goals in all comps our lack of goals and Laca’s lack of goals would be more of an issue. Just as well this isn’t the case though and they’re complimenting each other.


You both always compare them tho why? They are both entirely different strikers. Aubameyang is just a poacher. Lacazette is the more rounded striker. We can have both. People can praise Lacazette without both of you getting triggered


How was my response being triggered ? Basically I just said their seasons have complimented each other did I not ?


I don’t hate him I’m just realistic.


Yeah. It gets rather frustrating when the ball jumps of a player’s feet 15 times per game.


The difference is Laca can be on a goal drought but still be productive for the team. Auba during a goal drought is just awful. Laca’s all round game is superior. Auba is invisible when not scoring.


Laca is slow, but not as slow as an Oil tanker.

Also Giroud had a better team supplying him with chances. Laca would never have gone 3 months without a goal in 2016.

Giroud was a donkey


Proper Giroud defending post that 🖒🖒


Laca literally went on like a 10 hour goal drought last season tho lol.


Fuck out


With an injury you clueless fucking idiot


Laca did that on purpose, to protest the shambles of Wenger’s management imo.