Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Of course you fucking weren’t :sleeping:


Why should I have been?


Never seen him running, pressing and working his socks off for the team like yesterday, but you are talking with a troll.




Even though you’re a massive hater I get what you’re saying about the hold up play.

In recent performances Laca’s been giving the ball away a bit too frequently.

It’s probably one of the hardest places to avoid a turnover (in his more withdrawn central role) but he could do a little bit better in possession. Even with his touch at times.

Overall still an effective performance. Could have easily capped it off with the third goal.


Once again are u talking about Laca or a vintage Giroud performance?


Just because Giroud held the ball up doesn’t make hold up play some hideous thing to do… he’s playing in the pocket of a two striker system of course he’s gonna have to hold it up and let Auba make most of the runs.


Arsenal’s greatest ever striker and Thierry Henry


You’re right when you say too slow with his decision making at times, first half if he was a little bit quicker he may have had a shot on goal instead if it getting blocked, he also may have got on the end of Kolasinac’s wicked ball.

All in all what he is very good at is, he’s strong for his size, good with his back to goal and very tenacious when it comes to pressing and closing people down, all in all it was a very effective match from him.


He was better than that imho. He was getting swarmed and I recall at least one moment where he made wonderful behind leg move that got him past 3. Was a quietly really good performance imho.


Henry went full Bellerin


A coat with a hoody? Everyone does that haha


Ì was aiming at looking ridiculous


How does he look ridiculous tho a cap coat and hoodie is very casual haha. I take it you don’t do it?!


Yeah, cause I think it looks ridiculous :slight_smile:


This is nice article on the Auba and Laca friendship.

Imo this is one of the best things about our club atm


MakeArsenalFrenchAgain has been a success.


Think that look is fine. Henry has been suspect of weird stylistical choices though.

It does seem to be a thing between French Legends.




I suspect with that Henry one he’s filming or doing a photoshoot, and only the upper half of his body will be in shot. I don’t think that’s a look he is going for haha