Alexandre Lacazette (9)


His detractors will conveniently forget this.

Hopefully he executes next weekend


It’s true tho about the penalties. This is the way this guy pads his goal scoring stats, cuz lord knows he’s mediocre from open play. Shame he wasn’t on the pitch to take this one. Also a shame we rarely win any penos otherwise he might be up for the golden boot.


Exactly. The way both the strikers fucked it up is unreal.

But this was a rare occasion.

The cunt fucks up every game, so he’s the main problem





And yet someone wants to sell him :bellend:


So proud of this lad. MOTM so far, working his ass off today, shooting, making space, taking players on, hold up, complete performance.
That moment when he won the penalty, stood up and shouted at Auba to take it almost made me cry.




Absolutely magnificent again :laca:


My guy


SELL HIM NOW! :laca:


Even dives with class :heart_eyes:


5ft Laca actually holds the ball up better than Giroud ever did for us. What a well rounded saucy player he is.


That’s one aspect of his game that doesn’t get talked about enough.

Game to game he puts on a clinic in terms of holding up the ball.


Hold up play, technique, composure and too much fuckin sauce


Man of the match along with Leno for me.

Love him telling Auba to take the pen—just like Auba did for him last season. Even if I was nervous when Auba stepped up. :joy:

So happy seeing him come good after a disjointed and injury campaign last season.

Been a while since Arsenal have had more than one scorer up top.


Whatever happened to the “only goals matters” gang?


You mean @Aussiegooner and @Arsenal4thetreble :eyes:


Is it naughty for me to say I found his last touch a tad too slow/sloppy on a few occasions today? Could have put it on plate for Mesut on one opportunity but opted to shoot, and then that one chance where he danced through a couple United defenders but passed it to Auba instead of having a go himself.

Feel guilty saying that cos he was so good on the whole


He had a great game but not a perfect game so I guess it all depends on whether or not that’s enough for you.

There were definitely points during the game when both he and Auba struggled to hold the ball up. Overall I think he really killed it. I had no clue he’d turn into such a crucial player for us when we signed him last year.