Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Lacazette is also only 2 years younger than Aubameyang, so in 2 seasons time he could also be reaching the finishing line.

I think the worry with our squad is even if we build it smartly from this point on, neither Aubameyang or Lacazette will be the players they’re now when it becomes well rounded.


We all would have preferred to have someone like Lacazette for 2 years post Persie.

Those 2 years can be really crucial.

I agree with rest of the post.


I think we should also adjust expectations a bit of what they are going to do on the market. Even if we sell Lacazette I’m not sure Arsenal are going to sign five starting players anyway. At the same time I don’t believe they haven’t got ~70 million available to sign three starting players without selling Lacazette.


Hey guys I think we should sell Lacazette :laughing:


Someone jump on my Laca hype train. Choo fucking choo


hes blocking Nketiah!!! sell him nowwwwwwwwwwwwww :joy:


His price keeps going up, I’m not sure Chelsea can afford him now :sob:


He and Miki need to keep this up, their prices are going up every match!! We will have Chelsea over
a barrel at this rate :grin::grin:🖒🖒


This made me laugh way more than it should have


Lelele damnit @Craigie beat me to that one :sob::sob::joy::joy:


Great free kick by the man, be very interesting to see who starts out of he or Aubameyang on Saturday vs Spurs ? The fact Lacazette is suspended in the Europa could influence Unai Emery’s decision also.


:laca: Sell this fucker :laca:


I think Laca will start, but with Emery we never know what the lineups gonna be


ill leave this here


Start Laca. Auba hasn’t been great lately


Auba will be required both legs in full against Rennes so I’m not opposed to that.


Yep we have depth. Love it hah


I thought we didn’t have it ahah


Is it me or is Lacazette the REAL deal ?


He certainly looks like it.
Kind of crazy that we almost spent all that money on Lemar instead (allegedly).

I think I might love Lacazette more than I loved Giroud. And I loved Giroud a lot. Not as much as @Phoebica, but a lot.