Alexandre Lacazette (9)


It’s not bad and I’m a huge Lacazette fan. I value his contribution to the team I just don’t agree with people when they find it outrageous that some fans would want to see us use our assets more wisely.

I also don’t think Laca will ever score more than about 15/16 goals in a league season and we had that with Giroud for how many years?


If we want to get money we should sell Aubameyang not Lacazette. We should sell neither though


I’d rather we kept the guy who’s on track be our first striker to score 20 goals in a league season since RVP tbh with you.


I get your point, but realistically is there a striker out there that we can aquire that will score 20+ league goals for us? That shit is rare.


Laca scored 14 last season. If we didn’t have Wenger’s awful last season he would have got that.

Signing Aubameyang was a mistake tbh. We just done it as a last resort to try and salvage our season


We already have one and that’s my argument. If we’ve got one, we don’t need another. What we need is better wide men, a better central midfielder, better full backs and better CBs. And all of that costs enough money and a lot of it too.


Agree with this unless we make the CL


You say that but in 13 games under Wenger he managed as many goals as Lacazette has managed in 26 games this season.

Auba is someone who creates space for himself and gets himself into dangerous positions. Lacazette is someone who just doesn’t possess that same strikers quality to buy chances like Auba does.


I’m not disagreeing with you tho. Love Auba and we should keep both now we have them. We should have money before having to sell one of our two best attackers.


Well you are because you’d rather sell Auba given the choice :slight_smile: And I’m in the total opposite boat


I’d rather sell none of them tbh haha but if I had to pick he’s my choice but we shouldn’t sell either it’s like asking who is your favourite child!! :joy:


Giroud was our main striker though, Laca isn’t. If Giroud could play second string to Auba and bring 15 goals per season I wouldn’t mind still having him.

We need two players up front with 35+ goals in them combined.

Laca isn’t irreplaceable and I wouldn’t mind if we sell him for big money and reinvest that to fill in the gaps in the squad, but that reinvestment must include a 15-16 goals winger and I find it hard to believe we’re going to find him for a chunk of what we get from Lacazette. In other words papering over the cracks at the expanse of opening another crack is why people are outraged at the idea of selling Laca. We need both him and Aubameyang, Auba alone isn’t enough.

Last year City had 39 goals from Aguero and Sterling and Liverpool had 47 goals from Salah and Firmino.
The year before that Spurs had 47 goals from Kane and Alli, while Chelsea had 36 goals from Hazard and Costa.
In 15/16 Leicester had 41 goals from Mahrez and Vardy.
Before that City had 38 goals from Aguero and Silva and Chelsea had 34 goals from Costa and Hazard.
In 13/14 City had 37 goals from Toure and Aguero while Liverpool had 52 from Suarez and Sturridge.
And so on.

If Auba and Laca hit 35+ by the end of the season that’s pretty good.


I agree with that. I think selling either Laca or Auba for big money and buying a young up and coming player is a very sensible business. Lautaro Martinez for instance, inter got him for 14 million euros. He was a world beater in the fifa games a few years ago (when I used to play those). The thing is, you can use the market to your advantage to improve your position.


Can’t believe you guys take @SRCJJ 's bait every time. What kinda troll would want to sell one of our most valuable assets to fund the building of a better over all team? Such trolling is despicable! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


When people are talking about selling Laca it’s to go out put that money towards someone like Fekir or Nicolas Pepe. Not to spunk it on the likes of Stanislas or something lol.

Ideally we’d keep Laca and still sign those players but I’d rather we have someone like Auba and a top wide player than two strikers with a manager that is either hesitant or unable to get the best out of them when they’re both in the line up.


@Aussiegooner, @GC-Maniac and @Arsenal4thetreble :thinking:


I agree with your overall sentiment but the point is I think the team would be better served with having an elite winger rather than two strikers (neither of which should be playing on the wings).

I’d rather we sold Laca for £50-60m and spent that money on, like @Darkseid said, a winger like Fekir. The team would be better served and more balanced in that sense.


Fair enough. I’d rather we sell a trio like Iwobi-Mustafi-Elneny to fund the purchase of someone like Fekir without losing Lacazette.


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Fair enough. I’d rather we sell a trio like Iwobi-Mustafi-Elneny to fund the purchase of someone like Fekir without losing Lacazette.

Me too, but that’s not realistic whatsoever. None of those shitters are in demand nor would they fetch top dollar. That’s akin to me saying that I really want a Mercedes S 63, but I’m short on cash. OH I KNOW!! I’ll sell my 2011 Scion XB to and my wifes old Ford Fiesta to fund my purchase, that should do the trick! :joy::joy:


I reckon Iwobi would. Ox went for £40m remember. And Iwobi does have his moments, there is a player in there. James from Gunnerblog made this point on Arsecast – Iwobi is only 22, and although they’re not the same type of player he used Lingard as an example, when he was 22 he was on loan in the Championship. Iwobi has plenty of time to improve his game, bit harsh to call him a shitter IMO.