Alexandre Lacazette (9)


That’s why we’ll bring him as back-up and not immediate number 1.


I just laugh at replacing Lacazette with Wilson.


20-25 mil? Surely if he wants the move it will happen. Given that Laca could go for 50-70 mil. then I think it could be good business.


No way Wilson goes for anything under £40m, and even then I think that’s ambitious.


Yeah Bournemouth will want more than £20m for one of their main assets. £50m was being quoted in January.


That from the Chelsea interest I suppose?


What does it say to the supporters and our rivals if we sell our second best player?

When he has started games upfront with Aubameyang we’ve done ok and it means we aren’t relying on just one striker to get the goals.

I know we’re the paupers of the PL, but really, selling Lacazette is not the way forward.
Imagine if we sold him and Aubameyang was injured.
Who is good enough to step in and do the same job?


Why would Howe sell his best player?
They are a club with ambition.
Only losers sell their best players.


To reinvest in other areas? You know, just like Spurs did with Bale and Modric? Just like Liverpool did with Coutinho? If you’re smart you can come out of it even stronger.


So you want us to sell Lacazette for 50m and buy Callum Wilson who’s shite and will probably cost more because he’s home grown. Good plan.

Honestly Fergie used to stack loads of expensive strikers. United currently have Lukaku, Martial, Rashford and Alexis. City and Liverpool have loads of forwards. Having Laca and PEA in the squad certainly isn’t overkill, it’s bare minimum.


I wouldn’t sell Lacazette but I understand why someone would want to. If we’re being told the truth about Stan’s intentions (i.e.: no outside investment and a relatively small transfer budget) we’ll have to raise money through sales.

We can pretend that selling players like Mustafi or Iwobi would generate any serious money but we’re all kidding ourselves. Similarly, selling Ozil probably won’t generate any money.

So people are looking around at the squad for a player who is good enough to have market demand but also on a long enough contract that Arsenal would get a high fee and plays a position that is already stacked. It could really only be Lacazette or Xhaka.


Only one of those is a pure striker. Martial, Alexis and Rashford have been playing at the flanks more, with the latter slowly moving more into a central role.
Btw, Wilson isn’t shit and he certainly won’t cost the quoted amounts IF he wants to make the move happen.
Anyway, he was just an example. There are many strikers/forwards out there that could serve as backup to Auba or Laca. Lozano and Pavon are good shouts of players who could play as wingers but even do the job at #9 at some point.
People are getting really blind with this Laca talk. It’s all well and good that Laca and Auba are friends but when(could be “if” knowing our incompetent club) a proper winger arrives then Laca’s or Auba’s minutes go wayyyy down. Good luck with that.


I’d rather sell Aubameyang if we have to sell one tbh but we aren’t selling either so stop this nonsense ffs :joy:


Unpopular opinion:

Laca > Auba

Auba is a good player, but personally if I had to pick only one to play CF, it would be Lacazette. He is just a pure striker.

Luckily Auba can actually play as a wider foward so both can be in the same line up.


Yeah, it’s a really a preference thing. A fair amount here prefer Laca to Auba, including myself.
So far though, our last two managers seem to be leaning towards Auba. Dunno if they see something that we don’t. Don’t think it’s just pace. Probably gotta do with his engine. Laca seems to get gassed out halfway through the second half, and that’s probably because he works his ass off when given the opportunity.


Wilson isn’t nearly as good as Lacazette though and he absolutely would cost £50m if not more. You’re undervaluing the homegrown market place and how inflated it is. Apparently they don’t even want to sell for 50m:

Both Rashford and Martial are better up front than on the wing.

Auba/Laca can play wide if need be. Having one come off the bench is a huge advantage as is having depth from injuries.

Yes we should buy a winger too. We should flog our deadwood. No we shouldn’t sell out best players for money that won’t actually improve us. £60m is not enough for one of your best players


I think you’re undervaluing the pull players have today though. If the player wants the move it will help his price go down. The quoted 50-75 mil. is just ridiculous and only the suspected bunch(Utd, City, Chelsea, Liverpool) would fall for it.
Even so, Wilson as I said is an example. And of course whoever we’ll bring will probably not be as good as Auba or Laca. There’s a reason we’ll bring them as back-up. An up and coming forward behind our main striker would be ideal.


Glad our manager doesn’t feel like this thread :joy: please stop ffs


No it isn’t, Sterling pushed to leave and he cost 50million before the transfer inflation 3 years ago and Sterling wasn’t half the player he is now either. Why would Bournemouth sell for less than big money when it may mean they get relegated if they can’t adequately replace him? Chamberlain cost £35m in his last year of his contract, Stones cost £50m as an unproven CB and Walker cost 45m as a fullback.

Bournemouth themselves bought homegrown Solanke, who’s never actually played in the PL for £20m, yet you think they’d let Wilson go for less than 50m?

So back to the main point. You don’t replace your player with a worse player unless you’re forced too or there’s huge upside to doing so. All the best teams have multiple elite forwards they can turn too to chip in goals. We need more rather than less.


Even if this were true, there’s no way Bournemouth let Wilson go for less than £35m. Just to put it into perspective, they just paid Liverpool £20m for Solanke, a player who hadn’t played a single minute of PL football this season, a player surplus to requirements at Liverpool. If they let Wilson, arguably their best player, go for just a little more than that then whoever is in charge of their transfer business should be sacked immediately!