Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Lacazette may indeed be the better finisher, however, the flip side to this is Auba will get in numerous positions that Lacazette cannot due to his anticipation and movement.

It’s why Lacazette on his own will never be prolific enough for a top team, I’m with you though it’s good to have both especially in the absence of a top winger.



Aubameyang fuccbois can’t handle the Laca sauce is it?




He loves to strike at the near post, isn’t he? Cardiff and Chelsea this season.



Skin fade, black gloves, saucy celebration. Even I can admit Laca drips.



It won’t get the plaudits because it wasn’t 30 yards out but that was a seriously good goal. Every action was basically perfection and few forwards would have gone for the top right like that. I get the sense he was the only player on that pitch that would have turned that cross into that goal.

I think he’s maybe not the super clinical goal machine people might have bigged him up to be initially, but I think he’s also a far better footballer than people believed him to be too. If we’re not going to care about Ozil or Ramsey, I wish we could find a setup to truly see the best of him and Aubameyang.



When he was signing for us, I had been under the impression that he was essentially a poacher who was good on the counter and could knick goals. Of course, once you watch him regularly you see quickly that he’s a completely different player.

I think his best position would potentially be as a second striker behind Auba, as he can drop deeper and help create as well as score. He’s got great skill on the ball and some of his touches are sensational.

I think he’s one hell of a player tbh, very underappreciated still.



I will give him dues for the goal yesterday, that was an absolutely outstanding piece of play.

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Don’t care what anyone thinks but Laca is fucking awesome.



Cracker of a goal. Just don’t expect him to score another tho for about 4 games or so.



He’s scored some really nice goals, the problem is because he’s doesn’t time his runs / know how to make them properly he doesn’t get those early goes all top strikers get.



Legend. Let me have his french baguette :see_no_evil:

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Lol love how MM says something good about Laca and then like clockwork treble and aussie reply :joy::joy::joy:. Can’t help themselves :see_no_evil:



At least myself and @Arsenal4thetreble are true to our words, not flip flop opinions on a weekly basis like some flakey people.

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You don’t have to keep posting it tho every time someone says something good about Laca.

We get it you don’t like him or rate him :wink:

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Never said I don’t rate him, just that he’s a good striker not an elite one, cmon @Calum I’ve said it enough you should know that by now :joy:



Edit: why no show gif?

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You’ve basically just posted the same post twice :wink:



All true words :stuck_out_tongue:



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Cheers dude!