Alexandre Lacazette (9)



Haha. Nicely done Laca. :slight_smile:


Lol! Diplomatic injury? :henry2:


Lol at Laca’s insta story him and Auba were in doping control after the match :joy::joy:


Keeps scoring critical goals. Him and Auba together :heart_eyes:

So far, Emery has been making the right calls on which one to start…

Would love to seem them run riot again against Man U this week


Love this guy.


I’d like to see them play together too but not if it means Auba is shifted out wide, he’s on fire playing through the middle and if Emery can’t play them both there it’s an issue.


Since we are slowly moving to 5-x-x formation, I think Emery does want to play them together in middle


Dunno if he should start but he should feature heavily against United.

Has contributed in virtually every big game he’s played, with some goals out of nowhere and we may need that badly.


I dare those people who kept saying he won’t do it in big games (and there were some) to say it now.

He keeps showing up when we need him against top sides


Another big game, another goal.

My man




Top lad.


Has he been given that goal then? Wasn’t sure if it’d go down as a Rojo OG


If not then we can count this one:

Loved this :arteta:


If this isn’t a legal goal then I’m not sure why he’s avoided a booking.

Why can’t refs just let us have a bit of joy?


They robbed him of that goal.

If it had been Kane he would have got it, in my book he’s scored against United, Chelsea and Spurs this season.

Big game player.


Personally I think it was more of an own goal and Lacazette’s goal after seeing the replay. What have they officially awarded it as ?


Rojo OG


Yeah I thought it would go that way, Shane would have liked to have seen Laca get it, deserves a few more goals for his efforts this season.