Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Saved us? I think that takes away from a very good performance by the team, as a unit. I think the scoreline is fair reflection of how the two teams performed on the day. Calling it “saved us” makes it sound like we were under the cosh for most of the game and Lacazette came up with a bit of individual brilliance, totally against he run of play, and got us a point when the truth was anything but.




Lacazette is some finisher , he needs to be the main focus point of our attack.


What was that celebration about? Lol


Some Basketball player’s celebration I’ve read haha


Why did he get booked for that??


He got booked?!


Alan Shearer once scored a goal just like this. I think Laca has more similarity to Shearer with his striking technique than Wrighty.


I remember people saying he did but unsure.


He was booked yes. Did he leave the pitch?


James Harden


I agree, it was superb instinct. Glad to have him on the team together with Pierre.


Im in love with Laca. He is such a delicate and smooth player. He will get us goals from nowhere this season, which is a must if we want to play with the big boys.


Guess either way that makes him class.


That run actually highlights the difference between a top class striker like Lacazette and a bang average striker like Welbeck.

Both players point for the run, both players make the run, one player is miles ahead.


Buzzing for Laca!!


Why? Is Martial injured?


Deschamps hates him, probably just wants him to carry the water or something


Replacing Martial. Love it :henry2:


Well that lasted long. Lacazette doesn’t want to carry the water, so Plea has been called up instead