Alexandre Lacazette (9)


It can happen. He has been superb for us this season.


Terrible performance topped off with that horrible decision. But oh well, onto the next one, he’ll be sharp against Liverpool I’m sure.


Still needs to find the back of the net more, for all his good play he’s only scored 5 times.


Still got an assist :wink:

Mustafi at fault more for the goal. Take him fucking down!!


He is working his socks off for the team though.



Shame we only have Aubameyang one hour today, we may well have won the game if he got a full 90.


Here we go, been a while since he scored. Can’t have that leading the line, and yeh he had a Xhaka-esque pass intercepted that lead to the equaliazing goal. Still haven’t seen anything to lead me to believe he’s anything more than slightly above average as a CF, that little purple patch seems like a long time ago.


Lol you’ve been waiting for ages to say this :joy::joy:

Been killing you inside seeing him start the season greatly.

Did you see your boy Theo at fault for both Manchester United goals?


And @Aussiegooner liked him. Chip&chop :xhaka:.

Been waiting for it for weeks. See that i am right about some Arsenal fans not supporting Arsenal?


He wasn’t good today, but he has been very good this season so far… Auba is getting the goals though… its a good problem to have for once - 2 strikers who I am happy with starting. The issue is that we don’t have proper wingers… Iwobi was exposed today. Honestly Palace played us perfectly but we still should have beaten them. An off game by Laca, Ozil, and Iwobi cost us, plus two really bad defensive mistakes.


We need a world class striker, not a very good one for a couple weeks then does a disappearing act. We need a guy who scores like 17 in 23 matches to lead the line, ya know the one we have who’s being shunted to the wing to make room for mediocrity because we have no wingers.


I don’t dislike Lacazette but he is what he is, at least his build up play has been very good this season Palace game aside. He’s not world class though only like 22 in 50 since he’s been at the club… meanwhile Aubameyang is going at a goal every 104 minutes since he arrived despite predominantly shunted out wide this campaign.


Its a tricky one - I reckon it is more down to Emery feeling on balance that Laca provides more as a leading striker than Auba and also offers less out wide, so it is maximizing the resources he has. In an ideal world, they would rotate and we would have proper world-class winger. Laca was poor today, but so were several other attacking players, including Auba, goal aside (he got a goal by less than a cm - maybe the first I have ever seen).




Why are you comparing them? They are not competing against each other, but they complementary. One is about pace and great killer instinct in the box, while the other has a great build up play.


At the moment they’re complimetary, hopefully we sign a quality wide man in the summer though and then they will be competing against each other.


IORP all over again :wenger:


They should never compete because playing them together is a big bonus for us.


I still think having a proper natural winger that can dribble and take on defenders would be a bigger bonus.