Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Chelsea fans are worse than ours, tbh.


Replacing Robin van Persie with Olivier Giroud…

:henry2: :giroud3:



Delete that before anyone else sees :hipster:


Oh shieeeet.

Only thing that comes close to that is replacing Fernando Alonso with Sebastian Vettel



Joking aside, I do remember how pissed some people were in having Giroud in the early days while RvP was tearing it up in Manchester. God that was painful stuff. At least Olly eventually came good and is loved at Arsenal, while van Persie form dropped like a stone, and no one seems to really like him, apart from his homeland lol.

@Electrifying Hmmm, I dunno about that man, Vettel is a 4 times World Champion after all when he came to Ferrari. Better example would be replacing Raikkonen at Lotus, with bloody Maldonado :arteta:

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I would rather have had one more good season out of RVP than every single season Giroud have us that’s for sure.


Some people? Surely you mean every Arsenal fan with more than two working brain cells?

I love the man, but fuck me, if you frame it that way he’s the ultimate inadequate replacement.


A bunch of posts in here so I figured Laca scored a goal for France or something but lel forgot he can’t even make their side so lololol


Not a shame, tbh. Fance has so many great attacking players that it is very difficult to get called up.


Haven’t bith Mamadou Sakho and Giroud been continually chosen over him?


Hope he never gets picked tbh.


How would you figure a centre back is continually chosen over a striker?

France have a wealth of attacking talent and the man is certainly better than Giroud. But for the reasons Deschamps has, Giroud is either a better fit for his system or just a personal favourite.

Either way - failure to make the French National team is hardly a measure of his ability.


True. Maybe it’s just Deschamps who doesn’t rate him.


Why are people replying to his very obvious and boring trolling? :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


My bad :joy::joy::joy: I meant Sissoko got him and Sakho confused.


I think if RVP had stayed here he would have prolonged his PL career. It seemed there was a RVP-Rooney feud where they never passed to each other. The thing is he went back to being very injury prone.


If Laca dont make the next France squad, we should really consider getting rid. We should be able to buy Greizemann with the funds.


Yea let’s get rid of our top scorer because he gets a rest during international breaks. Makes sense


Yeah it doesn’t. Not sure what’s up with MM, thought he was a fan of Laca


Lads he’s joking haha. He’s taking the piss out of treble