Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Said it before, he reminds me of Drogba so much. Absolutely doesn’t care where he is or how unbalanced he is, he can unleash a lethal shot and good luck to the keeper. Even with his hold up, he doesn’t look that type but he can actually control the ball, pull some smart passes and 1-2s.


Player of the season so far imo


It’s between him and Cech, imo.


I thought we had bought another Giroud level striker last season. Quality finisher and striker of the ball but lacking pace, ability to make his own goals and movement good enough to provide him with chances to score 30 goals a season. But now he is getting more chances and the more direct build up is suiting him. He’s adapted to the league. The team spirit is better. Also these aspects are playing a role.


Yeah Laca totally coming through atm. Hope he can continue to perform like this and be consistent especially when we need it against the likes of the top 4 which we haven’t seen from him yet. That will be the bext hurdle. Guess he really was injured last year cause the Laca we are seeing now is night and day compared to the mediocrity he served up last season.


I’d say we have seen it from him against some of the top sides. He scored against both City and United last season, got assists in games against Spurs and Liverpool and played well. I think his main issue was away from home against physical sides he struggled in that winter period, but I’ve never felt he was poor in big games.


…or anyone else…


I’ll take this as a I’m sorry I was wrong about Laca :kissing_heart:


If he keeps playing like this for the entire season of course!


Yeah he’s gotta keep this level up for 9 months not just 2 months, but it’s been a great start by him.


C’mon what player plays like this for 9 months?! He’s gonna have a few blanks along the way. At least be realistic lol


Basically no one can keep up this level for 9 months lol


Wiltord wasn’t bad, it’s just that Henry was godlike.


If he’s starting as our CF he needs a return of 20+ goals. Of course he can have a couple matches without scoring a goal but no more 10 hours of game time goal droughts like he put us through last season.


Can’t argue with that.


Oh he’ll definitely score 20+ but he won’t score in every single game lol.


He’s gotta score 25-30 in all competitions, lol @Calum and others acting like he’s playing like Messi ATM though :joy:


He was injured last season numbnuts. And throw in the most disjointed Arsenal of the last 20 years and yeah, not reasonable to judge based upon last season.


Despite playing very well atm, someone still pretends more from him :thinking:


Aubameyang will score more than him. They are both on 4 and Auba hasn’t even reached 2nd gear yet.