Alexander Hleb: "I regret leaving Arsenal for Barcelona"


Has Alex Song done a sinilar piece yet?


Nah he’s still busy waiting for Abidal to give him a go holding the trophy


Is there a more cringe moment in football than that :joy::joy::joy:


I’d have felt really bad for him if I didn’t dislike him lol


I can’t even watch that back because it takes cringe to a whole new level. Why the fuck did he think Puyol would single him out to lift the trophy with him :joy:


BELArusb cunt


He was representative of Wenger m’s downfall.

The CL final loss was devastating to him and the departed changed Wenger’s philosophy.


I still believe if Wenger had won the CL in 2006/7, he would’ve resigned in 2012.


What happened in 2012 that he would have gone?