Alexander Hleb: "I regret leaving Arsenal for Barcelona"


Yeah man, like we get it Hleb.

You shouldn’t have left. Give the poor guy a coaching role or something or he may be on suicide watch over regret.




Hleb’s regret over leaving Arsenal and his repentance for having left his adopted father hanging is the stuff of 19th century romantic novels.


He is just angling for somehting now, getting bored of him saying this because if everything was so good here and wenger loved him so much and he loved wenger and the club why did you leave making excuses like stuff about icecream. It seems now that he was a flop at Barca and is coming to the end of his career he is pretty much a nobody in the game and he is thinking ‘i need to do something as i am coming up to retirement’ my funds are low if i can get back into arsenals hearts they are a soft touch they will give me something.


This guy is like a needy desperate guy who won’t stop talking about his ex girlfriend.

Shut the fuck up we know already as you come out and tell us every 6 months you stupid cunt


I really want to disagree with you… but this sounds so plausible that I can’t even argue against it.


Leaving a winning Arsenal could be a regret, too obvious.
Would he regret if leaving the Arsenal of 2017-18???

Come on…


Saw 15 new posts and thought “ffs shut up ice cream boy”

Nobody gives a shit about your regrets, we all remember you being a snake in Milan


I reckon this is happening now especially is because he saw how the fans and club responded to help Eboue, so he is thinking well let me see if i can get some help in some way now i am coming to retirement from the club i just pour out my heart to the fans and club etc see what happens.


Cry me a fucking river shit cunt.


I thought that too Maverick. Angling for a job and trying to get in through the door at Arsenal while Wenger still wields influence at the club to make it happen


Ehm. In the article it also goes about his time at Barcelona…maybe the interviewer just asked him about his career?




Are you sure guys? Are you sure you don’t wanna hear it one more time?


:joy::joy: fucking hell I was gonna say a few days ago when will Hleb do his yearly I shouldn’t have left Arsenal interview.




Just noticed it’s twice this year :joy::joy:


He may regret leaving Arsenal but I also regret coming into this thread


anyone get the feeling he is angling for a job at the emirates? Run out of money and ice cream Hleb?


Think Eboue deserves a job over Hleb :joy: