Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


This is a small sample size for Liverpool. We have seen him give better performances in a arsenal shirt but at the same time he was always coming back from injury and inconsistent. So please don’t rewrite history. Oh by the way he is still inconsistent


So now he’s just Ox the big game player is he ?


My upset is twofold.

  1. We’ve sold to Liverpool. A team who have overtaken us on the pitch. We’ve given them a chance to enhance their superiority, if chamberpot ever does come good there. Furthermore, we’re selling to a domestic rival. The same domestic rival who treated us with utter contempt when we tried to sign Suarez.

  2. I just can’t believe we’re lauding it up7 when Oxlade has a good performance. “Well done, man. You were justified in leaving”. Like he’s any different to the likes of Sanchez, van Persie, Cole or Nasri.

It just seems like another convenient stick to beat Wenger with. While I am Wenger Out, the fact remains, he’s here, Chamberpot isn’t, let’s move on


It’s a bit of both really. If you look at the stats comparing this season with last, a lot of his numbers at this time in the season were actually better with Arsenal.

But he does look more assured on the pitch in some games with Liverpool and I do think he’ll get even better – inconsistency is still his biggest obstacle though.

And he certainly hasn’t “ENORMOUSLY” improved, as has been claimed by some – that’s a bit of an over-statement. He’s entering his prime now though, so we’ll see.


Right team, right manager, opportunities in preferred position with the license to be explosive.

He just wasn’t fancied in midfield here over our other options simple as.

Lets not forget some players have come to Arsenal and looked better than they did at their previous club. Mkhitaryan for example has been superb in his short time here.

Doesn’t reflect on Wenger or Mourinho, it was just the right move for all parties. Same instance here - right move for all parties concerned.


Although we know Wenger loves to play a player out of position. In the case of Oxlade, though, I think it’s just a better team, better manager (coaching) and new environment galvanising his desire to play well again…


Also we were fucked by the fact that he didn’t want to play at RWB. He was brilliant in that position and instrumental to winning the FA Cup last season.

You have to ask, if we gave him his CM spot, alongside say Ramsey and Xhaka - would it have worked?

There’s definitely a case for saying he would have slotted in well especially with Ozil and Mkhitaryan on the peripheries.


I mean he’s better than Wilshere probably but I’m not crying over his loss, he’s extremely replaceable. We got a decent fee for a player in the last year of his contract and aren’t paying what would be significant wages. He’s doing well at Liverpool, demonstrating that we really should reserve judgment on Arsenal players under Wenger, and I hold no rencor for him (I would’ve if he had made that finish rounding the keeper last night, that would’ve just been too much, as he never in no world would’ve done that for Arsenal…but thankfully, finally, there is some consistency to the world), hope he continues to do well under Klopp.


Wow, says the guy who wouldn’t shut up about how shit Ox was again and again.


Yeah I mean Ramsey and Xhaka are better options than him in the middle, but it proves how people like Iwobi and maybe even Bellerin shouldn’t get stick until we see them under a new manager.


He might establish himself as their starting right sided midfielder next summer, but right now he is their 12th man/rotational player. As he would have been for us. Not sure that’s something to get really concerned about. Unless you would prefer him over Wilshere (and Ramsey).


Under Wenger, he absolutely was. Except as a wing-back, which I never said he was shit at. In fact I recommended we play him as wing-back long before Wenger actually did and was called a hipster by a few, I seem to remember their names but I guess I’ll save them the embarrassment :wink: :kissing_heart:


What the hell has gotten in to you guys; he still inconsistent; still doing the occasional brilliant thing which he did here I don’t see what he changed besides the team he is playing for.


I wanted us to keep Chamberlain, and I still think he has the potential to become a good player.

I remember reading a while ago that both Klopp and Guardiola rated him, and considering Klopp"s record for buying players and getting the best out of them, and the fact that he spent 40m on him, he must see something in him to make it worth spending that amount on a player who wasn’t a first team regular, and who was going into the last season of his contract.


Even a year before he left? Some revisionism going on here. He put up a load of assists for a fullback and isn’t hitting better goals and assists numbers for Liverpool than he was for us last season. Look Wenger wasn’t encouraging him to not get his head up and pass to the opposition before that. And he’s had stand out roles in years gone by, see the Cup game against United at Old Trafford.

That being said Klopp maybe the best coach in the world right now.


Probably Sanogo would flourish under Klopp!!!


Problem here is what effect this has on other players thinking here now if Wenger stays. We are use to losing the top players like Sanchez, RVP but now the likes of Ramsey must be contemplating a move now.


Xhaka wouldnt though.



Oh fuck :persevere: