Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


No one ever said that Chamberlain wasn’t capable of a good game, it was his chronic inconsistency and lack of productivity that was ultimately his undoing.

It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a single class performance to make me believe getting rid of him wasn’t a masterstroke by the club especially for the fee we received.


Hes a naive player but his game and Liverpools is energy based. There was always going to be an improvement for him, but that doesnt mean we where wrong to sell him.


He’s still been crap all season :expressionless:


Crap he just scored his 3rd goal that’s more than any other season. To me that’s world class better than Messi yes I said it


had a few good games in a row for Liverpool but he’s done nothing all season, pretty much the same as he did for us


Watched most of Liverpool Vs City and while he had his good moments, he had is usual bad moments. I didn’t really see anything different about his performance. Having said that, I think Klopp will need a while to improve him, assuming he can be improved.


Let’s not be sour grapes.
Ox is consistently improving under Klopp.


What a day for Ox. Playing a big part in ending Manchester City’s unbeaten run then going home to Perrie from Little Mix :giroud3:


Jack Whitehall making Ox feel awkward last night :joy::joy::joy:


With all the funny things he could’ve said to take the piss out of Ox and he comes up with that… :expressionless: Not even believable, who in their right mind is ‘very disappointed’ at Ox leaving Arsenal? The correct word there is elated.


Well hes not gonna call Ox a shitcunt on live TV in front of the country, and laugh in his face about how on earth we managed to rob Liverpool of £40 million for his brainless arse, is he?


Would’ve made it deserving of a post here and Calum’s three :joy:'s


Awesome pre-assist pass for Salah.

Fair play every time he has played against City this season, he has been awesome.

Still not consistent, and produces shockers from time to time, but he is getting the Wenger coached out of him little by little.

This guy is why the Klopp vs Wenger thread should stay closed.


Ya, good hookup with Salah tonight, and that fucking rocket he slammed in against City at Anfield last week. The boy’s coming good.


He’s the personification of why people were and will be right to leave us while we are under Wenger.


So we’re advocating rats like him moving, are we? We’re giving him a pat on the back for a couple of good performances for Liverpool?

He’s not there on f***in loan. He decided to leave us when the going got tough. He hasn’t got the mental resilience to become a world class player.

Wenger or no Wenger, he left Arsenal. Thats the bottom line. F*** him


No, we are saying he has already achieved his career’s all time high only 8 months after leaving Arsenal without even moving to a bigger club. The decision to move on is one of those few quite obviously right ones he will make in his life.

And he didn’t leave us when the going got tough. It’s been tough for quite some time before he left and we, as a club, had had multiple opportunities to rectify but didn’t. He had every right to move, fans wanted him out and were delighted to see the back of him.


Didn’t we actually try and rectify things while he was here? Try and shoehorn him into the side?

When Wenger did pander to him, he stank up the place. Literally jumping up and down on the pitch like a toddler throwing a tantrum.


You seem upset?

He’s playing better than he ever did for us under a much better manager and is going out with a member of Little Mix. Fair play to him :clap:


Ah, the absolute dream… :star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck: