Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


So he knew he needed a kick up the back side? What a terrific professional.


Isnt there some way we could close this thread now?

Ox is a rat bastard, nuff said.


If you scroll down the bottom you’ll see a button called tracking. Click it, select mute. You won’t see the thread anymore. :slight_smile:


And you will still be shit.


Generally speaking, I think being self reflective enough to recognise your short comings and wanting to have a manager and working environment that can help mitigate those shortcomings is probably not something to crticise someone for imo. In any professional context, not just football.


What you just described isn’t what you call a kick up the backside, is it? If he meant what you said, I would imagine him describing that more as furthering his development as a footballer/ making him a more complete player etc. A kick up the backside implies he didn’t feel he had enough pressure to perform at Arsenal or that the manager did not demand enough from him. My criticism was towards that. If he felt that way, then he didn’t need the manager or anyone else to tell him to do more. If he didn’t know what more to do, or how to do it, then fair enough, but like I said, I wouldn’t describe that as a kick up the backside, more along the lines of improving as a player, becoming more well rounded.


It definitely is, if one of your shortcomings is not being particularly self-motivated or disciplined, and therefore needing a manager who will give you the occasional kick up the arse to keep you on track.


He’s not taken a swipe at Arsenal. He thinks Kloppe can develop him, well ok we’ll see if he can. I doubt he can improve his decision making. Maybe fast counter attacking will play to his strengths though.


To be fair to Chamberlain, he made the right decision to leave.
I still think he is a very good player and is going to do a lot better at Liverpool than he did here and both him and Liverpool are on an upward curve while we’re drifting around mediocrity.

Chamberlain isn’t going to be the last to join Sanchez and Ozil in their dissatisfaction at our lack of ambition.
Who will be next?


On the bench for Liverpool.


Surprised he isn’t starting tbh.


Unless it’s ahead of Albert merino at full back I can’t see where he gets into that 11


“Sorry Alex, I’m struggling with my English a bit, when you said midfield I thought you meant beside the middle of the field sitting on the bench” - Jurgen


Citeh 4-0, welcome to Liverpool OX !!


@Arsenal4thetreble, serve you right :kos2:


Last game with Arsenal loses 4-0, first game with Liverpool loses 4-0, something about the Ox


Haha his teams have conceded 9 goals in his last 2 games. Score :ok_hand:


Mr Oxlade - Chamberlain
You could have stayed at The Arsenal and you probably would have lost 6-2 today but at least when you returned to your car you would know the tyres and car radio would still be there .
Bye bye


Yes lolpool losing 4 nil serves me right!!! Lulz.


The more you lick his ass, the more you get sticks :wink: