Alex Iwobi (17)




Hahaha I remember that. I was stoked with his level of play in the first 2 months, but it seems like that was a flash in the pan. Even when he was playing well though he still doesn’t do much in regards to end product so I think most of us overreacted.


Yeah I’m getting kinda done with this guy now.

Apologies guys, time for me to take the basti for backing him, it’s only fair.

He’s cockblocking Ozil and Laca basically in this new system and his performance isn’t worth it.


And to think he was getting called Iwobinho.

He’s not quite good enough for a top team, at least not in his current position.

Getting way more minutes than he rightfully should


Can see Emery wasting our time and persisting with Iwobi as a starter for another 2 seasons before we are done with the failed experiment.


Holiday season, don’t wanna bash any player here… :joy:


Great chance today too show something positive and just died. So fucking one footed and not a particular good one. Thought he had improved but hes mid table level footballer and declining by the week.


Yeah that early season promise seems to be evaporating.

I’m like a yoyo with this guy, two seasons ago I thought it was gonna be his breakout, last season I thought similar but quickly decided he was basically shit and now this season I started to think breakout season again.

I’d be OK with him going just to avoid me suffering the emotional turbulence haha


No hindsight
No “told you so”

I was always wondering, except some better than decent dribbling, and/or pretty good link-up, what else could you see from him, as a fans/spectators?


Feels cheeky to pop at him when he wasn’t the only underperformer im the team today, and for replacing someone who was equally as useless as him but I agree with the sentiment here.

He was the only player in that team today when he came on that we could rely on to run at opponents with the ball but he was non-existent.


Tbh theres nothing bad about him, he’s simply just not good enough.


Think he was our best player today tbh.


Yeah which explains getting beat 5-1 at Anfield. Fuck our side lacks quality.


It’s not the first defeat in which Iwobi’s played where I feel he’s been one of the least worst players.

He’s been reasonably steady this season, 6/10 most times maybe, but in the games we dominate he’s not particularly influential and in the games we lose he’s not capable of digging us out of a hole too often.

TLDR He’s played 100+ times now enough for us to be fairly sure with his lack of goal threat that he’s squad material only at a top club


Least worst… This says all… I still see the word “worst”


I kinda agree with this. Thought he was MOTM yesterday and our best creative outlet – particularly in the first half, but it’ll be the wayward passes of the second half that some people will focus on (even seen people on Twitter say he had an awful game so clearly he divides opinion).

I think the qualities he can offer in the middle third often go unnoticed too, though his end product obviously needs some work.

I also like that Iwobi loves the club – not that that should get you a free pass of course, but it’s good to have people like that around


He’s still very rough around the edges. He’s stepped up a level and looks more confident than ever, but still is wasteful in possession on ocassion.

He’s young and has time on his side so I see nothing to worry about for now. We shouldn’t be relying heavily on him though. Any other top 6 side, he won’t be starting and that’s the brutal truth.


For me he should be playing as a maurading CM.

He’s no wide player or #10, at his age playing for a top club in the attacking sense you either have ‘it’ or you don’t and he simply doesn’t.


It’s obvious that if wasn’t an academy boy he wouldn’t get half the chances.
My issue with him is that he CAN get complacent. He did with Arsene and he is doing that with Emery. Gets some playing time, impresses(not perfect performances but very promising nevertheless), gets established in the starting XI, drops form and repeat.


Sometimes in the game the word potential is used too long based on age. Hes been around the first team now 3 seasons and a world cup. Very near the time when he has to show how much he has.
Really has till May for me to justify if we keep him or not.
Hes West Ham Leicester type level right now for me. Want much more out of him if he is to stay.