Alex Iwobi (17)


this guy :giroud2:


Cracked me up when i saw it


I could see them interchanging a bit. Especially with Ozil who drifts. Let Ozil drift wide right, Iwobi go more central, and Auba left and darting in Freddie style. Need to be organized and responsive when we lose possession, but with el torero patrolling back there, maybe it can be more dynamic.


The Okocha genes are coming through



I have no clue what happened there


Seems transformed

Be surprised if it was down to physical fitness. Whatever it is long may he continue improving


Since he is playing so well Emery should tweak the formation so that it gets the best out of both him and Auba.

Right now when Auba plays Iwobi has to shift to the right and it does him no favours, if Emery converted to the narrow diamond or 4-2-2 and played both Laca and Auba up top with Iwobi behind beside Özil on he left it would suit all parties. We lack genuine width anyway so why try and shoehorn Auba, Özil, Mhki et al out wide? Also can easily change to 4-3-3 or narrow diamond without making a substation when the situation calls for it.

Could look something like this…

              Auba             Laca  

            Iwobi                Özil
             Xhaka           Torreria 

   Kola/Monreal    Holding    Papa     Bellerin


The only under performing player yesterday. Wasteful and poor decision making. Should have hit the target with that chance too.
Pay us back midweek thanks Alex.




So 14 Premier League appareances have yielded 1 goal & 2 assists. He had some impressive performances early in the season but has really lost his way of late. I suppose I feel bad bagging as I’m not sure many see him as a starting player at a top club ? More of a squad option in an ideal world but we lack wingers.


He’s a squad player. Should not be playing every game


I don’t really like him in such an advanced positions, he’s not that kind of player. Just doesn’t have the attacking instinct or finishing ability.

We should be utilising him deeper like in a midfield three but not as a forward, he’s not a forward. Doesn’t have even a pinch of the consistency to be forward at a top club.


Thing is, I don’t think he had much of a defined position in the youths either. From what I recall, he got played in different positions and then started bagging goals. Which is why he floated under Arsene’s radar at the time, well, until he started his goal rout.

He’s very much the modern ‘inverted-winger’ but without much ‘rassing or lenging’ :iwobi:

Not sure if this can be coached at all but we shouldn’t be hanging around waiting for him to come good either. Should be raiding PSV for Bergwijn and Lozano.


Would love to have Chucky Lozano come play for Arsenal. If we’re able to offload Ramsey in January (or Özil, even though that’s not my preference), I’d throw godfather type money at PSV. Title race in Holland or not, they’d hopefully be persuaded to sell.


It’s so frustrating because he has absolutely every attribute that you need to be a very good winger, except that the end product isn’t there. It’s unclear still if he will ever find it, but he’s still young enough that with the right guidance I think he can. Sometimes I think we forget how young he is because hes been in the side for so long.

If he doesn’t ever quite add the lethal instinct, I think he’d be a very good player in central midfield if he was taught how to play there properly.


Iwobi is one of the weak links in this side .
For an attacking he doesn’t get on the score sheet . A bit part player to bring on once the points are won but to start with him in big games is a mistake.
Not good enough.


I really want to comment on this, but I should wait till May to judge him.

He had a few good games earlier this season and people thought I had an agenda and had a problem with him :joy:


I wouldn’t give up on him yet; until about a month ago he had been one of our most consistent performers this sesson.

He’s useful because he can carry the ball well and his workrate is high also, which Emery likes. The infuriating part of his game is that he has almost no end product, but at 22 he can still develop it.

I’m much more worried about someone like Mhikitayran who should be delivering way more than he is considering his talent, level of experience and what we’re paying him.


No agenda there RonnieC
He ain’t good enough.