Alex Iwobi (17)


Emery is gonna do to Iwobi what Wenger did with Parlour.

Reinvent a peripheral player


His first 2 months of the season have been super impressive, pace power and direct play.


Youngsters improve with games. Who would have thought


Lol, he’s played 8 out of 106 games under Emery. This improvement has nothing to do with game time.


It’s not a sudden burst of improvement. He always had this in him but was just a young lad with inconsistencies.

You lot were just quick to dismiss him.



goes to show that you are only receptive of talents when things are going well.


And? I support the team, want the team to do well. If someone isn’t contributing to that why should I care?


That is different from ‘Iwobi never having all this in his locker’.


I agree. You’re talking about something different to where the conversation started.


I am still in same line of thought


No, that’s an oversweeping generalisation that simply doesn’t apply in the case of Iwobi and is demonstrably untrure generally anyway.

Iwobi does have the tools and always did. Almost 100 games in I was pretty convinced he was never gonna show that promise. Now after less than ten under a different coach he’s showing it in spades.


Anyway I am glad people can now see the player that was always there and glad the management stuck with Iwobi.

Wenger really picked out a gem of a player when everyone thought his ceiling was just that of a championship professional.
I don’t recall Iwobi ever being hyped as a youngster and never even heard of his name.

Iwobi once he broke into the team always showed his talent.
Even when things were not going well for him, he contributed to the overall play and wasn’t invisible.

Now he has finally matured.


Yeah, everyone thought that.


as usual dwell over semantics & indulge in nitpicking.


Emery should definitely play him more :stuck_out_tongue:


Well perhaps you should say what you mean. Or what you said is exactly what you mean and you simply object to me pointing out that you’re talking shit.

Saying everyone thought that is nonsense, and that’s not me being overly literal, you cant even point to a narrow majority claiming he was a championship level player. Or a sizeable minority. I bet you can’t find more than a handful of people who said that. Because many including myself have doubted Iwobi, but very few were so over the top that they’d say he was just a championship player.

You’ve just created a strawman to serve as your latest lame attempt to praise Wenger.



Wenger is rightly being appreciated for picking Iwobi out of nowhere


You’re just talking shit, as you so often do.


Why are you so cranky?
Did someone assume that you are a guy without asking you?