Alex Iwobi (17)


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If there’s one player who we can say has improved with Emery so far, then Iwobi has been that player. Has been fantastic anytime he’s on the field. Going at defenders and making chances, he looks like he’s bulked up and is he’s been given a tactic by Emery and he stick’s by it. For me I’d drop Ramsey and put Iwobi out the wing and move Ozil into the middle (Ozil has got better in the last few weeks under Emery too). If he keep’s up playing like he has Iwobi will become one of our more important players.


Absolutely. That’s the difference a good manager does.


Iwobi and Bellerin are the biggest improvers this season under Emery.


Bellerin struggled a bit in the first two games or so, but he’s been pretty Solid since. Iwobi just been like a new signing for us, he was MOTM for me at the Chelsea and Watford games.


Cech too I’d say


Yeah, he has only looked shaky trying to play out from the back.

That aside he’s been our best player this season.


Iwobi yes, while Bellerin still needs to learn how to defend.


Not 100% sold on him yet… I have been on the fence about him for a while and I am definitely increasing my confidence level that he will be a good player for us, I’m still not sure I see enough consistency in his decision-making.

What I do like about him is that he is one of the few players who is willing and able to take players on and does seem to combine well with our other attacking players.

I’d agree that right now he deserves a starting spot out wide in lieu of Ramsey but I still feel like we need to get a top winger in the winter or next summer.


Lol why do you hate Bellerin so much. :joy:

He’s been one of our best players this season


Iwobi has shown similar output previously as well, people were just too down on him.


I reckon he has been very good forward, but still needs to improve at the back.


It’s no coincidence that since Torreira has been starting that Bellerins defensive performances have improved. He has been left so isolated it’s no wonder he gets a hard time. Anyway this is about Iwobi so will leave it there.


I love his directness.

What a guy. Have my babies Iwobi.


Iwobi seems to be thriving under Emery, looks full of confidence ATM, he’s powerful and relatively direct, hopefully it continues.


Look, a manager who plays him at his strength, instead of converting him into a pass merchant.


Jay-Jay Okocha’s nephew ladies and gents

Iwobi Killmonger imo.


Play him every game.


Them quick feet combined with ridiculous strenght is becoming trademark Iwobi. Ramsey can watch from the bench against Fullham please.


:fire: Must starter from now. Absolutely top class under Emery.