Alex Iwobi (17)


Recently, Laca had a good game against City but a shit game against Chelsea.
Bellerin had a shit game against City, but a decent (I saw some saying he was decent against Chelsea from different sites) game against Chelsea.

It is not from 0 to 100 or 100 to 0 that extreme… but you can tell if the player contribute or not.


I believe Saturday’s performance was his strongest all round performance yet for us. Put in good passes, solid work rate, bagged a goal and could of had another easy. Very mature and hope it continues.


Was a bit more than ‘tap in’. Miki and Auba missed arguably same if not better chances. Still need to maintain composure and keep your body over the ball for a controlled strike.


Another player implying training was shit before, lol


Lord Iwobi will be imense this season. Most improved player under the new regime for this season. All hail King Unai !


Are you going to set a goal for measurement?

10 goals and a number of assists?


10 goals in all comp. Is doable for the lad imo


Can’t really say until end of the season because he won’t be a consistent starter.

Judge him in May against games played.


Fair numbers



Are you wenger in disguise :giroud:


Credit where it’s due, Iwobi was really good tonight. Sure, it was hardly the strongest test and his final ball still needs work, but it was still a solid performance.

He seems to be one of the players who is really benefitting from working with Emery/the new system. And i’m really pleased for him – I’m so desperate for him to come good.


Really good tonight!


My MoTM.


How many of us had heard of FC Vorskla Poltav before???


Stop your embarrassing hatred for Iwobi. He was brilliant tonight


It is easy, you want brilliance… why not play against the youth team and score a dozen every time you play?? Feel good on that?

Yeah, credit is due… I know this.
In fact, so many credits are due, and I am still waiting for that happening.




sorry, not in a good mood today…


He’s clearly quite skilful in tight spaces. Winning free kicks and dribbling well to maintain possession for the team. Shown some of that “end product” everyone goes mad for too. Encouraging performances from Iwobi so far this season.