Alex Iwobi (17)


I was very pleased with his performance today, totally not what I was expecting when I saw the line up so I have to hold my hands up on that one. Thought Emery was wrong playing him.


One of those days… the good thing is we are getting the short crosses right and getting into position… we could easily have scored 4 or 5… we’ll be ok on attack. Much more concerning our shambles at the back.


Very confident performance today. Go as far to say it was quite a mature one. Helped build some confidence and momentum for us too.


Pleasantly suprised by Iwobez. Aint Walcott quick but makes up for it with being an absolute monster physically. His solid frame combined with above average dribbling tecnique makes him such a pleasure to watch when in form.


Matter of time mate

Soon its gonna be banter for days


We need a winger and Iwobi is the closest thing l, so I’d like for him to continue getting heavy minutes please


Looked rather solid against Chelsea. Maybe Emery can get him playing how we know he can.


Yeah should start against West Ham. Showed very well.


He always played well but not consistent and his shooting was suspect


Damn, we’re high on Iwobi again? Hopefully Emery can make this one last.

Was good against Chelsea.


Yeah… good tap in… decent performance…
Come on, doesn’t he need to give like a few good games first before we want him to start???


Ronnie why does Iwobi trigger you so much :joy:

Was more than decent and that was never a tap in. Come on :wink:


He started and played well so I think it’s pretty reasonable to want him to start again in the next match. If he continues playing well, great. If he doesn’t, we stop starting him.

I’m not a huge fan of his, but after that performance I want him to start too. Let’s give him a chance and see if we’ve got a good thing going on here.


Never been a huge fan of the guy (probably due to his inconsistency in the game) but he had a solid game and put a shift in unlike the fucker on the other side(Mkhi).
Would be good to reward him with another start. If he doesn’t take the chance then we move on with other options.


He should get a start if we give him a run of games as a sub and he impress, NOT just one decent game.

Not just one game.


So start him in the next game and see if he can put a decent run of form together rather than just performing well in one game.


What if he doesn’t have a decent/good game?
Bench him again?

For me, Auba, Laca, Ozil, Miki should have a run of games to prove their worth of being a starter. If they fail, then the bench players (like Iwobi) have that chance.


Well, yea. This is exactly how the team should operate. Perform you’re in, don’t you’re out.


Theoretically, yes; but imagine the reality… we will have hundreds of lineups in one season (not due to injuries).
If Iwobi (or any player) is in a hot run, that’s easy, you start all the way…

If you have one decent game, you start… you shit in another, you sit… so you start, sit, start, sit… and we are just talking about one player here. They could never find the cohesion and understanding…


The reality is players don’t be up and down to that extreme from game to game.