Alex Iwobi (17)



Handing out new deals like penny candy


Home grown quota have to be met. At least Maitland-Niles, Chambers and Iwobi can serve that purpose.


This is a nice read from Iwobi


Time to prove himself, then.


As long as the wages aren’t off the charts (therefore making it hard to sell), its smart planning to sign all younger players to new deals and then have leverage if eventually selling them than to let their contracts run down and let them go for nothing or for a reduced fee. This also lets you take more control over roster planning and construction for the future as you don’t have the uncertainty of not knowing who will run out their contract, whether you’ll be able to keep players, etc.

I still can’t believe Wenger let so many players run their contracts down all at once. What a fucking disaster.


It doesn’t actually but if you can fill it why wouldn’t you.


Decent squad player. Me like.


I thought we actually reached the number of 17 foreigners with the recent additions. But Guendouzi is u-21 and it looks like we are at 16.


that’s it


As long as it’s not silly wages I’m fine with it hopefully we can sell Perez and Welbeck and sign a winger as unlikely as that is.


@hassassin we told yall!!!


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when he was taken off for fucking Laca of all ppl. Guy was our outlet today.


Great game for the lad. You must be a proud father @Electrifying


That was a tap in, no need to get over-excited…


Was class today. Like the Iwobi who broke out in 2015/16


The goal was a bonus I was talking about him being able to absorb the pressure that Chelsea put on us. He got the ball on the wing, dribbled out of tough spots, drew some fouls to absorb said pressure and get us out of our end, made some brilliant runs and had some good passes. Scored a goal too, thought he was great. Only guy that we have to play on the wing atm.


Tap ins that our fucking top class striker couldnt put away


Gotta admit he had a better performance than others today.


Tap in that you and me and you should be able to hit the target… Yes, it was a goal…
I worry about the misses from the better players though…